Daniel Howard

Senior Researcher

Focus Area: Information Management

London, United Kingdom

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Daniel started in the IT industry relatively recently, in only 2014. Following the completion of his Masters in Mathematics at the University of Bath, he started working as a developer and tester at IPL (now part of Civica Group). His work there included all manner of software and web development and testing, usually in an Agile environment and usually to a high standard, including a stint working at an 'innovation lab' at Nationwide.

In the summer of 2016, Daniel's father, Philip Howard, approached him with a piece of work that he thought would be enriched by the development and testing experience that Daniel could bring to the table. Shortly afterward, Daniel left IPL to work for Bloor Research as a researcher and the rest (so far, at least) is history.

Daniel primarily (although by no means exclusively) works alongside his father, providing technical expertise, insight and the 'on-the-ground' perspective of a (former) developer, in the form of both verbal explanation and written articles. His area of research is principally DevOps, where his previous experience can be put to the most use, but he is increasingly branching into related areas.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys latin and ballroom dancing, skiing, cooking and playing the guitar.

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