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Memgraph (2023)

MEMGRAPH InBrief (July 2023 cover thumbnail)

Classification: InBrief

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When choosing to use any (graph) database, you should be striving it optimise its performance. This is where Memgraph’s design decisions are relevant. It has been developed using C/C++, which will always outperform (with a smaller footprint) products written in other high-level languages such as Java. It has been designed from the outset to support real-time updates, and it has been designed as a “Smart Graph”. We should also add that Memgraph is targeting the most complex graph problems, which other vendors typically ignore. Its emphasis on making graph analytics easier for data scientists is also noteworthy.

Memgraph is available as open source using a dual licensing model: the Community Edition is freely available under the Apache license, while the Enterprise Edition is proprietary. The two editions use the same codebase, but the Enterprise Edition comes with additional features, such as LDAP, multi-tenancy, and additional disaster recovery options, as well as enterprise support. There is also a cloud-based managed service offering available on AWS.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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