Technology is enabling rapid business evolution. The opportunities are immense but if you do not adapt then you will not survive. So in the age of Mutable business Evolution is Essential to your success. We’ll show you the future and help you deliver it through our services.

Our merger with The CIO Partnership in 2015 enhanced our advisory and consulting services and allows us to offer a unique, high-value subscription service to IT leaders and senior business executives via its Executive Advisory Programs.

These programs are designed to help IT leaders and senior executives keep abreast of technology innovations and how they could impact their business. They also include a supportive events and content program that allows peer-to-peer relationships to be built and delivers contextualised drill down on topics specifically relevant to you.

These capabilities, combined with Bloor’s research and industry-leading analysts that have built a reputation for ‘telling the right story’ with independent, intelligent, well-articulated communications, and content, allows us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-user and vendor services.

As such, we will work with you as IT vendors and IT users to help you improve your business performance. We can help ensure that users understand how their needs will be met by IT and that vendors understand what users need from their solutions. Our business is about:

  • helping organisations to understand the business drivers and choose appropriate technologies for their needs
  • saving time and money through independently identifying product and buyer requirements that will assist vendors in accessing the right IT users, and users in finding the right solutions—using clear, succinct and thorough comparison and analysis.

Our core services are broken down into the following areas:

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