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Bloor has a library of over 1,000 published research papers that provide incisive but cost effective decision support information. Our research publications can help your organisation by giving you:

  • Greater insight into the business issues technology is addressing
  • Thorough concise reviews on technologies and the issues they address, with comparisons between all the vendors and the ways in which they solve the problems
  • Detailed evaluations of individual IT solutions, effectively communicating their value and the issues they address.

Here are our latest papers:

WORKSCOPE InBrief (cover thumb)

Workscope (2024)
Published: 15th May 2024 | By:
Workscope is an End User Computing (EUC) asset management platform that helps you identify, manage, and analyse your EUC assets and their associated risk.

VIAMEDICI InBrief (cover thumb)

Published: 14th May 2024 | By:
Viamedici is a master data management vendor with a high profile in the manufacturing industry in particular.

DATA QUALITY MARKET UPDATE (April 2024) cover thumbnail

Data Quality (2024)
Published: 30th April 2024 | By:
Bloor Research publishes its annual assessment of the Data Quality market.

K2view Data Fabric InBrief (April 2024 cover thumbnail)

Using K2View in a Data Fabric
Published: 25th April 2024 | By:
K2View has a core data platform that fits well into a data fabric or data mesh architecture.

00002841 - MONTE CARLO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Monte Carlo – Don’t Gamble With Data Quality
Published: 12th April 2024 | By:
Monte Carlo has made rapid progress in the data observability sector of the data quality market, gaining customers at a fast pace.

ANOMALO Data Quality InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Anomalo – Data Quality Monitoring
Published: 12th April 2024 | By:
Anomalo is a modern data quality tool in the data observability space.

MAGE DATA TDM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Mage Data Test Data Management
Published: 12th April 2024 | By:
Mage Data is a platform for governing and protecting your data and applications that is notable for its especially sophisticated sensitive data discovery.

VIAVI Sentry InBrief (cover thumbnail)

VIAVI Solutions Observer Sentry
Published: 12th April 2024 | By:
Learn why threat exposure and traffic management are essential in public cloud environments.

REDGATE TDM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Redgate Test Data Manager
Published: 12th April 2024 | By:
Redgate Test Data Manager is the company’s latest test data management offering, released as recently as November 2023.

TERADATA Data Fabric InBrief (cover thumb)

The Fabric of Teradata
Published: 2nd April 2024 | By:
The Teradata QueryGrid product supports data fabric.

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