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Bloor has a library of over 800 published research papers that provide incisive but cost effective decision support information. Our research publications can help your organisation by giving you:

  • Greater insight into the business issues technology is addressing
  • Thorough concise reviews on technologies and the issues they address, with comparisons between all the vendors and the ways in which they solve the problems
  • Detailed evaluations of individual IT solutions, effectively communicating their value and the issues they address.

Here are our latest papers:

Cover for Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer
Published: 19th March 2018 | By: and
This a technical evaluation of Conformiq’s products for Test Design Automation.

Cover for Instrumenting the Virtualised Datacentre

Instrumenting the Virtualised Datacentre … for Performance SLA’s - On the path to a single view of infrastructure performance across the enterprise
Published: 6th February 2018 | By: and
To deliver services reliably, companies need seamless access to application-centric performance metrics across their infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Cover for What's Hot in Data?

What’s Hot in Data
Published: 23rd January 2018 | By:
In this paper, we have identified the potential significance of a wide range of data-based technologies that impact on the move to a data-driven environment.

The cover of SQL Engines on Hadoop

SQL Engines on Hadoop
Published: 23rd January 2018 | By:
There are many SQL on Hadoop engines, but they are suited to different use cases: this report considers which engines are best for which sets of requirements.

Cover for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Spreadsheet Management and Governance
Published: 5th January 2018 | By:
Growing regulatory requirements mean increased governance requirements for spreadsheets. This report look at the latest trends in the market as well as the leading products.

Cover for Data Governance 2017

Data Governance 2017
Published: 7th December 2017 | By: and
This Market Update compares the capabilities of various data governance vendors.

Cover for Collibra Data Governance Center

Collibra Data Governance Center
Published: 29th November 2017 | By: and
In this paper, we discuss Collibra Data Governance Center and its data governance capabilities.

Cover for Policy-based Data Governance

Policy-based Data Governance
Published: 6th November 2017 | By:
This paper compares the offerings provided by DATUM, Collibra and Informatica with respect to policy-driven data governance.

Cover for DATUM Information Value Management

DATUM Information Value Management - a business value approach to digital transformation
Published: 6th November 2017 | By:
Data-driven enterprises need to understand the business value of the data they intend to leverage - and govern that data on that basis.

Cover for Single Customer View

Single Customer View
Published: 23rd October 2017 | By:
Single customer view: data quality or MDM - the options

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