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Cover for Collibra data intelligence solution

Collibra data intelligence solution
Published: 23rd November 2023 | By:
Collibra continues to evolve its data governance platform with artificial intelligence extensions and other enhancements in the next release.

Cover for Ataccama data governance

Ataccama data governance
Published: 9th November 2023 | By:
Ataccama has a full-function data governance tool at its heart.

Cover for SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance
Published: 7th November 2023 | By:
SAP’s Master Data Governance product is their flagship master data management product.

Cover for Experian’s Data Governance Offering

Experian’s Data Governance Offering
Published: 27th October 2023 | By:
Experian has entered the data governance arena via its acquisition of UK vendor IntoZetta.

Cover for Alation

Published: 24th October 2023 | By:
Alation is a modern data catalog product with artificial intelligence underpinnings.

Cover for Alex Data Enterprise Platform

Alex Data Enterprise Platform
Published: 11th October 2023 | By:
Alex Data Enterprise Platform is a full function data governance offering.

Cover for Informatica Data Catalog

Informatica Data Catalog
Published: 6th October 2023 | By:
Informatica Data Catalog is the data governance offering of Informatica.

Cover for Ontotext GraphDB and the Ontotext Platform (2023)

Ontotext GraphDB and the Ontotext Platform (2023)
Published: 25th September 2023 | By:
GraphDB is an RDF graph database. It is part of the Ontotext Platform, which offers data management and text analytics through the use of knowledge graphs.

Cover for GridGain Unified Real-Time Data Platform

GridGain Unified Real-Time Data Platform
Published: 25th September 2023 | By:
GridGain started life as an in-memory data grid, but has since evolved into a unified platform for addressing real-time data use cases.

Cover for erwin Data Intelligence by Quest

erwin Data Intelligence by Quest
Published: 22nd September 2023 | By:
Erwin, part of Quest Software, has a full data governance suite.

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