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Cover for StreamAnalytix

Published: 11th December 2018 | By:
This paper discusses and evaluates StreamAnalytix, an analytics platform for both real-time, streaming data and for batch processing.

Cover for Kx Systems

Kx Systems
Published: 10th December 2018 | By:
Kx technology supports the rapid analysis of time-series data and, more generally, the analysis of streaming, in-memory and historical data.

Cover for IBM Streams and Steaming Analytics

IBM Streams and Steaming Analytics
Published: 7th December 2018 | By:
IBM Streams (previously IBM InfoSphere Streams) is a high performance, low latency platform for analysing and scoring data in real-time. It is a part of the IBM Watson & Cloud Platforms.

Cover for Software AG Apama

Software AG Apama
Published: 7th December 2018 | By: and
Software AG’s Apama was first released in 2001 as a complex event processing platform targeted at supporting algorithmic trading in capital markets. It remains a market leader in that space though IoT now forms a major target market.

Cover for SQLstream

Published: 7th December 2018 | By:
SQLstream Blaze, which is the name for the SQLstream suite of products, is a streaming analytics platform that is available for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. As it’s name suggests it is based on ANSI standard SQL.

Cover for EsperTech

Published: 6th December 2018 | By:
EsperTech is the company behind the open source Esper (Java based) and NEsper (.Net based) products, where the former was one of the first CEP engines to be introduced.

Cover for SAS Event Stream Processing

SAS Event Stream Processing
Published: 6th December 2018 | By:
SAS has been offering stream processing for a number of years, especially for fraud applications. However, a major driver is now the Internet of Things (IoT) and applications such as predictive maintenance and smart “anything”.

Cover for StreamBase

Published: 5th December 2018 | By:
TIBCO StreamBase is the streaming analytics component of TIBCO’s ‘connected intelligence’ product collection, that allows businesses to better connect, understand and interact with their data.

Cover for Striim

Published: 5th December 2018 | By:
Striim is a streaming integration and analytics platform. Without de-emphasising the latter, it focuses on the former.

Cover for Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS

Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS
Published: 14th November 2018 | By:
Grakn is a graph-based platform for developing cognitive and other applications leveraging artificial intelligence.

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