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Cover for DATPROF (2024)

DATPROF (2024)
Published: 7th February 2024 | By:
DATPROF provides a test data management platform that is comprised of five separate (but highly integrable) products.

Cover for AllegroGraph (2024)

AllegroGraph (2024)
Published: 7th February 2024 | By:
AllegroGraph, now in version 8.0, is a platform for building semantic knowledge graphs backed by neuro-symbolic AI.

Cover for Broadcom Test Data Manager (2024)

Broadcom Test Data Manager (2024)
Published: 1st February 2024 | By:
Broadcom Test Data Manager uses data subsetting, data masking, data profiling and synthetic data generation to produce secure test data at scale.

Cover for Yotilla - Automating Your Data Warehouse

Yotilla - Automating Your Data Warehouse
Published: 31st January 2024 | By:
Data warehouses have high ongoing support costs. Yotilla is a software product that automates much of this process.

Cover for Fortra Alert Logic

Fortra Alert Logic
Published: 22nd December 2023 | By:
Threat detection and response is becoming ever more important. Read here how Fortra Alert Logic differentiates itself and why it is a leading solution.

Cover for Test Data Management in IRI Voracity

Test Data Management in IRI Voracity
Published: 6th December 2023 | By:
IRI Voracity is a “total data management” platform that can be used as an effective solution for test data management.

Cover for Collibra data intelligence solution

Collibra data intelligence solution
Published: 23rd November 2023 | By:
Collibra continues to evolve its data governance platform with artificial intelligence extensions and other enhancements in the next release.

Cover for Ataccama data governance

Ataccama data governance
Published: 9th November 2023 | By:
Ataccama has a full-function data governance tool at its heart.

Cover for SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance
Published: 7th November 2023 | By:
SAP’s Master Data Governance product is their flagship master data management product.

Cover for Experian’s Data Governance Offering

Experian’s Data Governance Offering
Published: 27th October 2023 | By:
Experian has entered the data governance arena via its acquisition of UK vendor IntoZetta.

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