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Cover for Confluent

Published: 12th May 2022 | By:
Confluent develops two enterprise-grade offerings that prominently include, and build upon, Apache Kafka: Confluent Cloud, and Confluent Platform.

Cover for TrustPortal Hyper Automation

TrustPortal Hyper Automation
Published: 7th April 2022 | By:
Hyper Automation is the continuous integration of automation into every area of business operations, using tools such as TrustPortal.

Cover for Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI)

Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI)
Published: 4th March 2022 | By:
Eggplant DAI is a software automation platform that leverages AI to create a digital twin model for functional, regression, and user experience testing.

Cover for Sensitive Data Discovery and Masking in IRI Voracity

Sensitive Data Discovery and Masking in IRI Voracity
Published: 3rd March 2022 | By:
IRI Voracity is a data management platform that provides significant data masking and discovery capabilities.

Cover for EsperTech (2021)

EsperTech (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Esper is a stream processing/analytics platform that markets itself as “pure-play CEP”, and in fact was one of the first CEP engines introduced to the market.

Cover for Gathr

Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Gathr is a self-service-oriented data pipeline platform, and more specifically, an all-in-one platform for creating, managing, and deploying data pipelines.

Cover for Guavus SQLstream (2021)

Guavus SQLstream (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Guavus SQLstream offers efficient and cost-effective streaming analytics across a range of enterprise environments, including the edge and the cloud.

Cover for Informatica Stream Processing

Informatica Stream Processing
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Informatica offers stream processing as part of Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), a broad, cloud-ready, and well-integrated data management platform.

Cover for KX (2021)

KX (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
KX (or, more properly, KX Streaming Analytics) is a highly performant streaming analytics platform layered on top of a time-series database.

Cover for N5 Rumi (Streaming Analytics)

N5 Rumi (Streaming Analytics)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Rumi is a software platform that enables enterprises to embed rich, real-time analytical data processing directly into their transactional applications.

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