Bloor Research’s ethos is to enable every organisation to optimise its technology investment. Our methodology to achieve this, includes the following:

  • Thoroughly research available products and how they are being used—through meetings with vendors, involvement in interactive events involving vendors and users, feedback and analysis from industry, including surveys.
  • Research the industries and markets into which they are sold and their business drivers and needs.
  • Consider market trends and new developments likely to shape The Future of Business.

The above process is integrated and iterative, ensuring regular updates as products and markets progress. Your participation in this process will ensure your needs and capabilities are fully identified.

In addition, Bloor has been busy transforming our solutions to add to and improve the ways you can access our available research to meet your needs. More general feedback and authoritative opinion from Bloor analysts in their specialist areas comes by reference to their articles and blogs.

Bloor's 'Optimal Technology Framework'

Bloor’s ‘Optimal Technology Framework’ considers technology as it applies to industry sectors

The Bloor methodology for researching products and markets is based on the Bullseye™ open research framework from the Bullseye Foundation, to which we subscribe. This provides a standard method of collecting and analysing product and vendor data and demands a thorough, consistent, and unbiased assessment of a technology sector, the vendors in it, and their products.

Bloor’s research and expertise have been acknowledged internationally as amongst the most authoritative on IT and business issues. Through involvement with this rigorous and impartial analysis process, user organisations and vendors of all sizes are guaranteed easy-to-access research that is accurate, impartial—and directly applicable to their business.

If your organisation is an IT vendor and wishes to be included in an existing Bullseye-based market analysis, or to be involved in a Bullseye analysis of a new market, please contact us.