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Are you ready to navigate an uncertain future?

The future of business is changing fast. Only those businesses that adapt and react to change will survive and succeed going forwards.

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that continuous reinvention is essential to any organisation’s success and even to its ultimate survival. We call that Mutable Business™.

Our Bloor Navigators are an exclusive group of experienced independent executives, consultants, and analysts. Each Navigator has a broad and deep skill set and a passion for helping client organisations create their own capacity to exist in a highly adaptable, constantly evolving state, with the capabilities and structures to match.

Bloor Navigators help our clients construct their own roadmap for constant change, bringing an “outside in” perspective to the challenges and opportunities they face as well as providing much needed quality assurance aimed at optimising investments.

Typically this will involve a combination of one or more elements:

A health check of our client’s current capability, including any digital transformation programs, the organisational construct, and the capability of existing resources. This is typically supported by our unique “Mutable Self-Assessment” and “Mutable Business Workshop” assets

A Quality Assurance exercise to provide objective feedback on a proposed investment

A blueprinting exercise to help our client define a desired “go to” state for the organisation

Facilitation of the creation of a roadmap for moving from current state to “go to” state, including creating their own “mutable” capability

Assistance with and input to strategic planning exercises, investment or business cases, and a view of disruption threats and opportunities in our client’s sector. We can also help with contracting and commercial negotiations