As one of Europe’s leading independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firms for over 30 years, Bloor are widely respected and utilised by companies across the globe for providing actionable strategic insight that enable them to make considered purchasing decisions.

We offer a completely unbiased, outside-in perspective of the markets and products we analyse, so when you read a piece of research from Bloor, you can be sure of it is an honest, uncompromised and high-quality evaluation. You can learn more about our research methodology here.

Our team of expert analysts have decades of experience at the forefront of the latest enterprise technological developments – and the quality of our researchers and analysts defines the service level we provide to our customers.

From a vendor perspective, our research and analysis can form a key part of your content marketing strategy as the value of high-quality, independent third party validation can add even more credibility to your product.

From an end-user point of view, our research and consultancy services will help you navigate the future uncertainty that businesses face. We can work with you to understand which solutions will best fit , and our team of experienced navigators will advise on how you can become a Mutable Business™ – an organisation that eschews traditional transformation models and evolves through a permanent state of reinvention.