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Latest Commentary

Mutable Business is not a Digital Transformation Project

Mutable Business is not a Digital Transformation Project

We highlight some of the Mutable successes, failures, winners and losers in market and business disruptions and want to hear your nominations too.
What is Edge Cloud?

What is Edge Cloud?

Cloud is fundamentally an IT consumption model. Where it runs, at the edge or in a hyperscale datacentre, and who runs it are all irrelevant.
Bringing automated response to the masses

Bringing Automated Response to the Masses

Bloor analyst Fran Howarth recently featured on the Bringing Automated Response to the Masses podcast with Josh Davies from Alert Logic.
Fluidity, Adaptability and Transformation

Fluidity, Adaptability and Transformation

Bloor analyst David Norfolk recently featured on the Fluidity, Adaptability and Transformation podcast with Chenthil Eswaran from Aspire Systems.
Transforming customer journeys in the digital age

Transforming customer journeys in the digital age

The TrustPortal philosophy focuses on making the design and development of new customer journeys simpler by maximising the potential of RPA robots.

Latest Research

STREAM PROCESSING Market Update 2022 (cover thumbnail)

Stream Processing

This report describes and evaluates the Stream Processing space and the market trends and vendor solutions within it.
VERVERICA InBrief Stream Processing (cover thumbnail)


Ververica provides commercial support for Apache Flink and extends it via the Ververica Platform.
PUSH InBrief cover thumbnail

Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform

The Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform is a pub-sub platform and event broker that has been purpose-built to operate in real time with event data.
CONFLUENT InBrief cover thumbnail


Confluent develops two enterprise-grade offerings that prominently include, and build upon, Apache Kafka: Confluent Cloud, and Confluent Platform.
ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 (cover thumbnail)

Enterprise Server 3.0

Interest in cost-effectively modernising and exploiting Enterprise Server 3.0, with AI assistance, is increasing.
00002698 - TRUSTPORTAL InBrief thumbnail

TrustPortal Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is the continuous integration of automation into every area of business operations, using tools such as TrustPortal.
NETWORK DETECTION AND RESPONSE MarketUpdate (cover thumbnail)

Network Detection and Response

Find out who the major players are in the Network Detection and Response market and what this technology area can do for your organisation.
THE PROMISE OF XDR WhitePaper (cover thumbnail)

The Promise of XDR - Helping to dramatically improve detection and response capabilities

XDR is a new set of tools that holds much promise for improving threat detection and response to counter today’s security challenges.
00002696 - THE PROMISE OF NDR Spotlight (cover thumbnail)

The promise of NDR - Network detection and response becoming mainstream

This Spotlight report explains what NDR is and how it works and its usefulness for a wide range of organisations.
What is XDR

What is XDR?

What is XDR and why is it needed? What can it do for you? This infographic explains in a clear and concise way.
TEST DATA MANAGEMENT AND MAGE InContext (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management and Mage

This paper discusses the challenges within the test data management space, and highlights Mage as a means of addressing them.
ETHICS OF SENSITIVE DATA Spotlight cover thumbnail

The ethics of sensitive data and Solix Technologies

Increased privacy regulation and public awareness have made it more important than ever to handle sensitive data ethically. But what does that mean in practice?
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