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Latest Commentary

Cloud Networking Matters

Cloud Networking Matters

Cisco ThousandEyes Cloud Report 2022 highlights variations in top 3 cloud providers’ network performance that have implications for your business.
BigPanda doubles-down on core AIOps functions

BigPanda doubles-down on core AIOps functions

BigPanda has no intention of getting into IT monitoring or service management, and will remain focused on developing their core AIOps solution.
InterSystems Summit 2022

InterSystems Summit 2022

The IRIS platform from InterSystems is basically a fusion of the Caché database and Ensemble data integration, with other capabilities, for the Cloud.
State of the Cloud YouTube Series

State of the Cloud YouTube Series

For the past few months, Paul Bevan has been discussing, debating and arguing over a range of current Cloud topics with Richard Simon, a.k.a. The Cloud Therapist.
IRI Data Governance

IRI Data Governance

In this article, we examine the current state of data governance. We also explain how IRI can help you to create a data governance solution.

Latest Research

00002724 - GATHR TELECOMMUNICATIONS InPerspective (cover thumbnail)

Gathr Industry Impact Study: Telecommunications

How can Gathr’s data integration and engineering solution help you to migrate into the cloud, especially in the context of the telecommunications industry?
GATHR FINANCIAL SERVICES InPerspective (cover thumbnail)

Gathr Industry Impact Study: Financial Services

Learn how Gathr is used in financial services for breakthrough success, including threat detection, payment surveillance, downtime prediction, and more.
GATHR AUTOMOTIVE INSURANCE InPerspective (cover thumbnail)

Gathr Industry Impact Study: Automotive Insurance

Learn how Gathr is used in automotive insurance for breakthrough success, including customer analytics, CRM analytics, churn prediction, and more.
Understanding Data Virtualisation (White Paper) cover thumbnail

Understanding data virtualisation

This report provides a guide to the various uses of the term “data virtualisation”, as well as a particular evaluation of its use within the analytics space.
00002729 - ZERO TRUST MUTABLE Spotlight cover thumbnail

How a zero trust approach can help to achieve effective and mutable digital transformation

Implementing a zero trust framework is key for securing digital transformation efforts. This paper explains what is required and outlines the benefits.
INFORMATICA InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Informatica Data Privacy Management (2022) – Sensitive Data Discovery

This report discusses Informatica Data Privacy Management and its application as a solution for discovering sensitive data.
00002715 - DATA INTEGRATION InComparison (cover thumbnail)

Data Integration: Fivetran, Gathr, Informatica, Matillion

In this paper, we discuss and compare a selection of prominent data integration solutions, namely those provided by Fivetran, Gathr, Informatica and Matillion.
FIVETRAN InBrief cover thumbnail

Fivetran (2022)

This paper describes and evaluates Fivetran’s solution for data integration.
GATHR InBrief (Data Integration) cover thumbnail

Gathr Data Integration

This paper describes and evaluates Gathr’s solution for data integration.
INFORMATICA InBrief cover thumbnail

Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (2022)

This paper describes and evaluates Informatica’s solution for data integration.
MATILLION InBrief cover thumbnail

Matillion ETL (2022)

This paper describes and evaluates Matillion’s solution for data integration.
00002723 - The value of the mainframe, Enterprise Server 3.0 White Paper cover thumbnail

The value of the mainframe - The modernised mainframe still has a bright future as Enterprise Server 3.0

Modernised mainframes, outside any silo, become Enterprise Server 3.0 (ES-3). We look at the modernisation journey.
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