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Latest Commentary

Keysight brings gen AI to the testing world

Keysight brings gen AI to the testing world

Across the IT industry businesses are grasping the Gen AI nettle and engineering it into their products. Testing seems to be an excellent area, perhaps even the best area for its application.
YEE-HAAW from Zoho in South Texas

YEE-HAAW from Zoho in South Texas

Zoho’s culture, based on a long-term view and a social contract, is its differentiation. It has opened up new offices in South Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley.
Eggplant Generative AI

Eggplant Generative AI

Keysight has been quick to incorporate generative AI into its Eggplant test suite, creating AI-augmented testing and expanding the scope of its testing efforts.
Simplify ESG Data with Yotilla Data Warehouse Automation

Simplify ESG Data with Yotilla Data Warehouse Automation

Handle volatile and diverse ESG data sources with Yotilla data warehouse automation tool. Streamline reporting and analytics in 2024.
IRI (Voracity) and Data Fabric

IRI (Voracity) and Data Fabric

IRI has mature technology that can play a role in a data fabric architecture.

Latest Research

INTERSYSTEMS InBrief cover thumbnail

InterSystems and the Data Fabric

How the InterSystems IRIS platform plays within a data fabric architecture.
SOLIX Data Fabric InBrief (Feb 2024)

Solix and Data Fabric

Solix offers a data management platform that can play a role in a data fabric architecture.
ATACCAMA data fabric InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Ataccama and Data Fabric (2024)

Ataccama offers a sound foundation for a data fabric architecture.
EXPERIAN data quality investment (cover thumbnail)

Experian’s Data Quality Investments

Experian is a widely deployed data quality software suite that has had several recent enhancements.
DENODO InBrief (cover thumbnail)


Denodo offers extensive features for a data fabric architecture, including data virtualization, a data catalog and query optimization.
Cinchy InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Data Mesh is a Cinchy

Cinchy offers features to support a data mesh architecture.
DatProf InBrief (cover thumbnail)

DATPROF (2024)

DATPROF provides a test data management platform that is comprised of five separate (but highly integrable) products.
InBrief Franz Allegrograph (cover thumbnail)

AllegroGraph (2024)

AllegroGraph, now in version 8.0, is a platform for building semantic knowledge graphs backed by neuro-symbolic AI.
Broadcom Test Data Manager cover thumbnail

Broadcom Test Data Manager (2024)

Broadcom Test Data Manager uses data subsetting, data masking, data profiling and synthetic data generation to produce secure test data at scale.
00002777 - YOTILLA InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Yotilla - Automating Your Data Warehouse

Data warehouses have high ongoing support costs. Yotilla is a software product that automates much of this process.
Data Fabric Spotlight (cover thumbnail)

Data Fabric – A Different Approach to Data Management

Data Fabric is an approach to gaining a unified view of data; it differs from master data management, data quality, data mesh and data warehousing but has relationships to these other areas.
DATA SECURITY Spotlight (cover thumbnail)

The growing imperative for data security

Improving data security is a top priority for 2024. Data security risks are manifold. Ensuring that data is secure and well governed is imperative for reducing those risks.
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