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Welcome to Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years we have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

Welcome to Bloor

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Restore as a service

Talking to Curtis Preston about Druva’s data-management-as-a-service and its support for AWS Snowball Edge, speeding-up and de-risking cloud transitions.
Photo of a data centre (decorative)

Summon up your inner Bletchley Park

New storage solutions are able to ingest vast amounts of real-time data from IoT sensors and probes. AI & data analytics solutions decode the data & predict IT Infrastructure problems.
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Moving towards a defined reference architecture for Edge Computing

Getting a sensible reference architecture in place that a significant number of Edge players buy into, will go a long way to help Enterprise CIOs make the right Edge investment decisions.
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Managing Collaboration

My observation is that a lot of collaboration initiatives never really deliver, and my work experience is that being able to do everything myself better than anyone else is the recipe for personal career success! Nevertheless, I really do believe in collaboration.

Latest Updates

Cover for Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS

Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS

Grakn is a graph-based platform for developing cognitive and other applications leveraging artificial intelligence.
Cover for VirtualWisdom 6.0: Hybrid Infrastructure Management

VirtualWisdom 6.0: Hybrid Infrastructure Management

To deliver services reliably, companies need seamless access to application-centric performance metrics across their infrastructure, on site or in the cloud.
Cover for the Visual Integration Processor InBrief

Visual Integration Processor

Visual Integration Processor is a .NET based rapid application assembly framework for integrating software.
Cover for the Informatica Axon Data Governance InBrief

Informatica Axon Data Governance

Informatica Axon Data Governance is a data governance product that supports data stewardship, data quality and data monitoring.
Cover for the Encryption Hot Report


Why encryption is getting a new lease of life and should be the default option for securing sensitive data.
Cover for IBM Private Cloud (InDetail)

IBM Cloud Private for Data

Limited, or no, technological capability with respect to AI is holding many companies back. This paper discusses how IBM ICP for Data can help.
Cover for the Hybrid Infrastructure Management Hot Report

Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Infrastructure Management solutions will enable I.T. to deliver availability & performance SLAs, even on cloud-based infrastructure that may not be directly under its control.
Cover for the Data Governance Hot Report

Data Governance

Governing your data is important and extremely hot in the wake of GDPR. But how can you do it, and how can data governance help?
Cover for Security is a human problem

Security is a human problem

Phishing has emerged as a key factor in most security breaches. Where email used to be the primary means of delivering such attacks, technology advances and raised awareness are making such attacks less effective.
Cover for IBM Informix – the white swan

IBM Informix – The White Swan

This paper aims to help you sleep well at night (SWAN) and discusses: ease of administration; continuous availability and scalability; and smart triggers.
The cover of Streamlio (InBrief)


Founded in 2018, Streamlio provides an intelligent platform for handling (streaming) data in motion.
Cover for EsgynDB and HTAP

EsgynDB and HTAP

This paper discusses the sorts of features needed to support HTAP processing and then considers the capabilities of EsgynDB within this context.
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