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Latest Commentary

StorMagic – and some thoughts on the Broadcom takeover of VMware

StorMagic – and some thoughts on the Broadcom takeover of VMware

StorMagic SvHCI is specialised for edge computing in small to medium-sized business environments, where it is an alternative to Broadcom’s newly acquired VMware.
To no-one’s surprise, bad Agile is still bad

To no-one’s surprise, bad Agile is still bad

Weighing in on a recent report that favours “Impact Engineering” over Agile development.
Keepit – and some thoughts on SaaS data recovery

Keepit – and some thoughts on SaaS data recovery

If you put your data in the Cloud, you are still responsible for looking after it.
Vector databases and their use in Generative AI

Vector databases and their use in Generative AI

Generative AI engines are built on large language models, which are built on vector data. This makes vector databases essential for implementing generative AI.
Revolutionising Course Creation: CYPHER Learning’s GenAI-Powered Platform

Revolutionising Course Creation: CYPHER Learning’s GenAI-Powered Pla...

CYPHER Learning aims to revolutionise learning experiences by using Generative AI for rapid course development.

Latest Research

VIAVI Spotlight Cybersecurity in the Cloud (cover)

Cybersecurity in the cloud - know your threats and know your adversaries

Threat exposure management provides the ability to record what is happening on the network and to deliver reports that show the reduction in risk and vulnerability to attack.
00002852 - DATADDO InBrief (cover)


Dataddo is a fully-managed, no-code data integration platform that offers business users easy access to data integration while still accommodating developers.
VIAVI CTEM eBook (cover)

Continuous threat exposure management - The evolution of vulnerability management

Continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) is an advanced form of vulnerability management technology that will enable organisations to continuously improve their security posture.
RELTIO InBrief (cover)

Reltio (2024) - A Leader in Data Unification and Management

Reltio has a modern cloud-native MDM system used at many global customers.
DATA FABRIC MU 2024 (cover)

Data Fabric

Bloor’s analysis of the Data Fabric market, assessing the leading vendors and showing you who the innovators, challengers and champions are.
00002762 - EASYTRIEVE InBRIEF cover thumbnail (July 2023)

Easytrieve Modernised - A possible future for mission critical reporting across silos

Easytrieve has a long history as an effective mainframe data access tool and report generator. It is now a Broadcom product: Easytrieve Report Generator.

Test Data Management (2024)

This report summarises the state of the test data management space in 2024, as well as the vendors contained therein.
WORKSCOPE InBrief (cover thumb)

Workscope (2024)

Workscope is an End User Computing (EUC) asset management platform that helps you identify, manage, and analyse your EUC assets and their associated risk.
VIAMEDICI InBrief (cover thumb)


Viamedici is a master data management vendor with a high profile in the manufacturing industry in particular.
DATA QUALITY MARKET UPDATE (April 2024) cover thumbnail

Data Quality (2024)

Bloor Research publishes its annual assessment of the Data Quality market.
K2view Data Fabric InBrief (April 2024 cover thumbnail)

Using K2View in a Data Fabric

K2View has a core data platform that fits well into a data fabric or data mesh architecture.
00002841 - MONTE CARLO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Monte Carlo – Don’t Gamble With Data Quality

Monte Carlo has made rapid progress in the data observability sector of the data quality market, gaining customers at a fast pace.
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