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Bloor is an independent research and analyst house that has been enabling organisations to understand the potential offered by technology for over 30 years. Our world-leading analysts and Navigators share their expert insight across the areas of people, business and technology.

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Technology Product and Market Evaluations
For over 30 years we have been trusted by companies across the globe for providing actionable
strategic insight that enables them to make considered purchasing decisions.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed service offices validate the addressing of employee welfare issues that the employer is responsible for.
Open Source Software

Open Source Software

David Norfolk is a huge supporter of Open Source Software. But he says it is not “free software” in any real sense – not cost, risk or management free.
Evolve Reinvent Prosper

Evolve Reinvent Prosper

Evolve Reinvent Prosper is our brand new Bloor Research podcast series, focusing on how businesses are evolving to survive and thrive.
Streaming Analytics 2021

Streaming Analytics 2021

What’s the state of Streaming Analytics in 2021, and how has it changed since Bloor's last market overview back in 2018?
The Games People Will Work at Playing

The Games People Will Work at Playing

Computer games have a pivotal role to play in changing the way we work – bringing remote working to a whole new audience.

Latest Research


Disrupters in the Privilege Management Market

Over the past few years, a raft of new, innovative vendors have sprung up to disrupt the privilege management market.
PRIVILEGE MANAGEMENT Spotlight (cover thumbnail)

Privilege Management - Protection for what you need the most… putting identity on the frontline

In the field of identity management, managing privileges assigned should be a very high priority. Stealing credentials is a top tactic for attackers.

Privilege Management Technologies

This Market Update showcases the best known vendors and technologies in the privilege management space.
Hybrid IT Infrastructure (cover thumbnail)

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Market Vendor Landscape

In this research paper, Paul Bevan outlines the competitive Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Market vendor landscape.

Automation Excellence

The World Economic Forum has characterized AI driven automation as the lynchpin of a Fourth Industrial Revolution.
DATA QUALITY Market Update (thumbnail)

Pure-play Data Quality

This Market Update focuses on vendors specialising in data quality that do not also provide data integration capabilities.
DATACTICS InBrief (thumbnail)


Datactics is a data quality platform oriented around self-service. It provides solutions for data quality, data matching, and single customer view.
DATA LADDER InBrief (thumbnail)

Data Ladder

Data Ladder provides a data quality management suite that includes all the sorts of capabilities that one would expect.
DQ GLOBAL InBrief (thumbnail)

DQ Global

DQ Global offers a number of different products, all of which are focused on data quality and all of which are targeted at customer data.
D&B InBrief (thumbnail)

D&B Optimizer

D&B Optimizer is a data quality offering targeted at B2B environments and it is aimed at managing both customer and supplier relationships.
EXPERIAN InBrief (thumbnail)

Experian Aperture Data Studio

Experian Aperture Data Studio is a data quality and enrichment platform that includes data profiling and data quality analysis.
GLOBAL IDs InBrief (thumbnail)

Global IDs Enterprise Data Automation

Global IDs’ product portfolio consists of a number of individual tools within the Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform.
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