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Latest Commentary

IRI Data Classification

IRI Data Classification

IRI Voracity is a data management platform that underpins many of its capabilities with data classification and (sensitive) data discovery.
Ultipa Graph approaches version 5.0

Ultipa Graph approaches version 5.0

Ultipa Graph, one of the newer entrants to the graph database space, is approaching its 5.0 version update.
What’s happening in test data management?

What’s happening in test data management?

Test Data Management is, as ever, a changing space. What’s been happening since our last Market Update?
SAS – who dares wins in database analytics

SAS – who dares wins in database analytics

SAS is a major player in analytics and has now invested a billion dollars in AI to move its software forward.
Keysight brings gen AI to the testing world

Keysight brings gen AI to the testing world

Across the IT industry businesses are grasping the Gen AI nettle and engineering it into their products. Testing seems to be an excellent area, perhaps even the best area for its application.

Latest Research

00002841 - MONTE CARLO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Monte Carlo – Don’t Gamble With Data Quality

Monte Carlo has made rapid progress in the data observability sector of the data quality market, gaining customers at a fast pace.
ANOMALO Data Quality InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Anomalo – Data Quality Monitoring

Anomalo is a modern data quality tool in the data observability space.
MAGE DATA TDM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Mage Data Test Data Management

Mage Data is a platform for governing and protecting your data and applications that is notable for its especially sophisticated sensitive data discovery.
VIAVI Sentry InBrief (cover thumbnail)

VIAVI Solutions Observer Sentry

Learn why threat exposure and traffic management are essential in public cloud environments.
REDGATE TDM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Redgate Test Data Manager

Redgate Test Data Manager is the company’s latest test data management offering, released as recently as November 2023.
TERADATA Data Fabric InBrief (cover thumb)

The Fabric of Teradata

The Teradata QueryGrid product supports data fabric.
SNAPLOGIC Data Fabric InBrief (cover thumbnail)

SnapLogic in the Data Fabric

SnapLogic has data integration capabilities that support data fabric and data mesh.
K2VIEW InBrief (thumbnail)

K2view Test Data Management

The K2view Data Product Platform is a unified data management platform that offers numerous capabilities, including test data management.
INFORMATICA Data Quality InBrief (thumbnail)

Data Quality with Informatica

Informatica continues to build on its data quality offering with additional AI features.
00002833 - INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS InBrief (thumbnail)

Data Quality with Innovative Systems

Data quality veteran Innovative Systems continues to evolve.
ExtraHop Reveal (X) InBrief (thumbnail)

ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Find out how ExtraHop Networks’ new capabilities in its Reveal(x) platform will benefit your organisation.
ESG White Paper (cover thumbnail)

Analytics for Environment Social and Governance (ESG) Data

Environment Social and Governance (ESG) is an increasingly important area that requires a flexible data management platform to support it.
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