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Latest Commentary

Orange Cyberdefense MDR

Orange Cyberdefense MDR

Orange Cyberdefense offers MDR services around the world with a highly localized flavor. Read its differentiators in this blog.
Experian enters the data governance market

Experian enters the data governance market

Experian enters the data governance market via the purchase of IntoZetta.
Aim (Data Solutions)

Aim (Data Solutions)

Aim has a data governance software solution dataDelt, designed from the ground up to be driven by artificial intelligence.
Introduction to Adaptive Shield

Introduction to Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield offers software that manages the security of software as a service applications.
Denodo and data governance

Denodo and data governance

Denodo is a data virtualization platform that includes support for data governance.

Latest Research

ONTOTEXT InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Ontotext GraphDB and the Ontotext Platform (2023)

GraphDB is an RDF graph database. It is part of the Ontotext Platform, which offers data management and text analytics through the use of knowledge graphs.
Gridgain InBrief (cover thumbnail)

GridGain (2023)

GridGain started life as an in-memory data grid, but has since evolved into a unified platform for addressing real-time data use cases.
00002789 - SOLIX SPOTLIGHT (cover thumbnail)

Data Fabric and the Future of Data Management - Solix Technologies and The Data Layer

In a data-driven world, organisations need to be able to manage the corporate data resource intelligently and flexibly. A data fabric is the key enabler.
00002795 - ERWIN InBrief (cover thumbnail)

erwin Data Intelligence by Quest

Erwin, part of Quest Software, has a full data governance suite.
00002792 - SYNITI InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Syniti (2023)

Syniti offers a complete data management platform.
00002794 - AIM InBrief (cover thumbnail)


Aim’s dataBelt technology takes an AI-driven approach to data governance.
DENODO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Denodo and data governance

Denodo’s data virtualization capabilities enable data governance.
GLOBAL DATA EXCELLENCE GDE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Global Data Excellence (2023)

Global Data Excellence offers an innovative product that is AI-driven from the ground up, tackling data governance.
00002785 - MDM Market 2023 (cover thumbnail)

Master Data Management (2023)

Bloor publishes its annual assessment of the master data management market.
00002878 - eBook Generative AI Value (cover thumbnail)

Generative AI Value & Limitations

Generative AI has many use cases across industries as well as some limitations.
Gen AI white paper cover thumbnail

Architecture Patterns for Enterprise Generative AI

Generative AI is the latest computing technology to take the world by storm. In this report, we discuss various data architectures for generative AI.
Myths, promises and threats ebook cover

Myths, Promises & Threats: Generative Al for the Enterprise

Generative AI (GAI) has emerged as another transformative technology. It offers dramatic benefits, but may also foster chaos.
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