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Welcome to Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years we have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

Welcome to Bloor

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Restore as a service

Talking to Curtis Preston about Druva’s data-management-as-a-service and its support for AWS Snowball Edge, speeding-up and de-risking cloud transitions.
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Summon up your inner Bletchley Park

New storage solutions are able to ingest vast amounts of real-time data from IoT sensors and probes. AI & data analytics solutions decode the data & predict IT Infrastructure problems.
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Moving towards a defined reference architecture for Edge Computing

Getting a sensible reference architecture in place that a significant number of Edge players buy into, will go a long way to help Enterprise CIOs make the right Edge investment decisions.
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Managing Collaboration

My observation is that a lot of collaboration initiatives never really deliver, and my work experience is that being able to do everything myself better than anyone else is the recipe for personal career success! Nevertheless, I really do believe in collaboration.

Latest Updates

Cover for the Memgraph InBrief


Memgraph is a property graph database targeted primarily at hybrid analytic and transactional environments.
Cover for the Franz AllegroGraph InBrief

Franz AllegroGraph

This paper discusses and evaluates Franz AllegroGraph, a semantic graph database focused on generating sophisticated semantic knowledge graphs.
Cover for the Cray Systems and the Cray Graph Engine InBrief

Cray Systems and the Cray Graph Engine

The Cray Graph Engine is an RDF database that runs on a variety of Cray hardware platforms.
Cover for the ArangoDB InBrief


ArangoDB is a multi-model database that supports document (JSON), key-value and property graph capabilities with one database core and one declarative query language.
Cover for the Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph InBrief

Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph

AnzoGraph is a massively parallel RDF database targeted primarily at large scale analytic environments
Cover for the Neo4j InBrief


Neo4j is a labelled, property graph database with a native engine that is targeted at operational and hybrid operational/analytic use cases.
Cover for the DataStax DSE Graph InBrief

DataStax DSE Graph

This paper discusses and evaluates DataStax Enterprise Graph, the graph database add-on for DataStax Enterprise.
Cover for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is a distributed multi-model database that is provided as a service. It supports key-value, column store, document and property graphs.
Cover for Graph Database Market Update 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.

Low-Code/No-Code Development

This report discusses the Low-Code and No-Code Development spaces and evaluates several leading low-code and no-code development products.

Compuware zAdviser

This report discusses Compuware zAdviser, a service from Compuware that is freely available to Compuware customers on current maintenance.
Cover for State of Industrial and OT Security Report 2018

State of Industrial and OT Security Report 2018

Bloor Research undertook a survey of 370 industrial organisations to ascertain what security measures they are taking to secure their operational technology (OT) networks.
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