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Bloor is an independent research and analyst house that has been enabling organisations to understand the potential offered by technology for over 30 years. Our world-leading analysts and Navigators share their expert insight across the areas of people, business and technology.

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Technology Product and Market Evaluations
For over 30 years we have been trusted by companies across the globe for providing actionable
strategic insight that enables them to make considered purchasing decisions.

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Bloor Navigators are here to help organisations reach a permanent
state of evolution in an ever-changing business world

End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility

A lack of visibility through the whole supply chain is being highlighted, the implication being that significant gaps still exist.
Why Task Mining?

Why Task Mining?

In a Mutable world , task mining could be a useful way to support an evolving organisation as it adapts to the Future of Work.
Why Edge Computing and why now?

Why Edge Computing and why now?

Physical changes in infrastructure are an important factor in enabling the growth of edge computing, but there are real game changers in software.
Evolve Reinvent Prosper

Evolve Reinvent Prosper

The second episode of our new podcast - Evolve Reinvent Prosper is now live, focusing on how Winterbotham Darby have evolved and adapted.
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Bloor appoints Bannister to Chief Analyst role

Bloor Research International is pleased to announce that it has hired David Bannister as Chief Analyst.

Latest Research

The criticality of the network in the future of business (White Paper) cover thumbnail

The Criticality of the Network in the Future of Business - Managing your networks for success

Transparency and metrics, provided to all stakeholders, are essential for good network management.
THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 Market Review (cover thumbnail)

The Future of Business… using Enterprise Server 3.0 Services

Enterprise Server 3.0 (or Mainframe) modernisation is relevant, cost-effective and avoids waste. David Norfolk investigates.
00002647 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management (2021)

Test data management is an essential part of the testing process. This report discusses the space as a whole and evaluates the solutions therein.
WINDOCKS InBrief (cover thumbnail)


Windocks is a platform for enterprise-level test data management and database virtualisation that offers extensive support for Docker database containers.
00002653 - AB INITIO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Ab Initio Test Data Management

Ab Initio Test Data Management is a test data management application within the broader Ab Initio data management platform.
00002659 - BMC COMPUWARE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data

BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data provides an effective, all-in-one platform for test data management that spans both mainframe and distributed data.
00002660 - BROADCOM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Broadcom (CA) Test Data Manager and Blaze Data

Test Data Manager is a test data management solution that uses data subsetting, data masking, and synthetic data generation to produce robust sets of test data.
00002654 - CURIOSITY SOFTWARE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Curiosity Software Test Data Automation

Curiosity Software Test Data Automation is a test data solution that helps you to both create test data sets and embed then into your testing processes.
00002655 - DATPROF InBrief (cover thumbnail)

DATPROF Test Data Management (2021)

DATPROF offers a suite of four products that collectively provide a test data management solution predicated primarily on data subsetting and data masking.
00002661 - DELPHIX InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Delphix Data Platform (2021)

The Delphix Data Platform uses data virtualisation to provide a test data management solution that does not depend on either data subsetting or synthetic data.
00002662 - GENROCKET InBrief (cover thumbnail)

GenRocket (2021)

GenRocket is a platform for enterprise-level test data automation that offers high-end synthetic data generation.
INFORMATICA InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Informatica Test Data Management (2021)

Informatica Test Data Management is a comprehensive test data management solution that includes data subsetting, data masking, and synthetic data generation.
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