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Welcome to Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years we have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

Welcome to Bloor

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What it is and why you should care

End User Computing: What it is and why you should care

EUC stands for end user computing, and it’s any non-tangible computing resource that lives, or may live, on the desktop of an end user.
A new episode in the life of the Mainframe

A new episode in the life of the Mainframe

These days, you should think of the mainframe as a very performant, flexible server with good parallel processing and virtualisation capabilities.
Park Place Technologies AIOps

Park Place Technologies – A real “out of left-field approach” to...

While Paul Bevan belives that Park Place Technologies isn’t talking, out loud at least, about AIOps, he thinks they will soon be playing in that space.
Cloud connect computing

A Simple and Elegant Solution

While global interconnect providers like Equinix provide powerful and effective on-ramps to multiple cloud providers, there is a bigger challenge.

Latest Updates

00002495 - TEST DESIGN AUTOMATION MarketUpdate cover thumbnail

Test Design Automation

This paper describes the test design automation space and evaluates the products therein.
TRICENTIS InBrief cover thumbnail

Tricentis Tosca

This paper describes and evaluates Tricentis Tosca, a test automation offering from Tricentis.
BROADCOM InBrief cover thumbnail

Broadcom Agile Requirements Designer

This paper describes and evaluates Agile Requirements Designer, Broadcom’s test design automation offering.
ORIGINAL SOFTWARE InBrief cover thumbnail

Original Software TestDrive

This paper describes and evaluates TestDrive, Original Software’s test automation offering.
EGGPLANT InBrief cover thumbnail

Eggplant AI

This paper describes and evaluates Eggplant AI, Eggplant’s test design automation offering.
TURNKEY InBrief cover thumbnail

TurnKey Solutions Test Design Automation

This paper describes and evaluates TurnKey Solutions’ test design automation offering.
CURIOSITY SOFTWARE InBrief cover thumbnail

Curiosity Software Ireland Test Modeller

This paper describes and evaluates Test Modeller, Curiosity Software Ireland’s test design automation offering.
SMARTESTING InBrief cover thumbnail

Smartesting Yest and Orbiter

This paper describes and evaluates Yest and Orbiter, Smartesting’s test design automation offerings.
CONFORMIQ InBrief cover thumbnail

Conformiq Creator and Transformer

This paper describes and evaluates Conformiq Creator and Transformer, Conformiq’s test design automation offerings.
00002532 - DIMENSIONAL ANALYTICS Spotlight cover thumbnail

Dimensional Analytics

This paper explores “dimensional analytics”, by which we mean analytics that requires an understanding of the dimensions of time and space.

Application Quality Assurance at Broadcom

In this Bloor InContext report, we discuss and evaluate Broadcom’s solution for application quality assurance.
00002526 - ANALYTIC OPS MarketReport cover thumbnail


AnalyticOps is about the reduction of friction around the delivery, operationalisation and ongoing monitoring and (change) management of analytic models.
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