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Latest Commentary

The optimisation of business value delivery

The optimisation of business value delivery

The focus of ASG is to supporting enterprises across all platforms via hybrid cloud and eliminating legacy silos through modernising existing platforms.
Human Expertise is Key to Intelligent Incident Response

Human Expertise is Key to Intelligent Incident Response

It has long been said that security requires a three-pronged approach, and this is especially true where incident response is concerned.
ABCs of cloud security

The ABCs of cloud security

Vanishing perimeters are vastly increasing the attack surface for all organisations. Many need a simple, integrated cloud security platform to keep safe.
Hybrid Network Performance Assurance

Hybrid Network Performance Assurance

5G mobile networks, wireless and Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) need modern network testing tools to augment your existing monitoring solutions.
Navigating your organisation's Vision and Critical Success Factors for chang

Navigating your organisation’s Vision and Critical Success Facto...

Setting out your digital vision for a multi-generational, diverse workforce, plus critical success factors for the organisation, its leaders and workers.

Latest Research

Ingres NeXt cover thumbnail

Ingres NeXt Database and Application Modernisation

This report discusses Ingres NeXt, Actian’s flexible and comprehensive approach to digital transformation through database and application modernisation.
STREAMING ANALYTICS Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Streaming Analytics (2021)

Streaming analytics extracts actionable insights from streaming data in real-time. This report discusses the streaming analytics space and its solutions.
00002674 - ESPER TECH InBrief (cover thumbnail)

EsperTech (2021)

Esper is a stream processing/analytics platform that markets itself as “pure-play CEP”, and in fact was one of the first CEP engines introduced to the market.
GATHR InBrief (cover thumbnail)


Gathr is a self-service-oriented data pipeline platform, and more specifically, an all-in-one platform for creating, managing, and deploying data pipelines.
00002673 - GUAVUS InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Guavus SQLstream (2021)

Guavus SQLstream offers efficient and cost-effective streaming analytics across a range of enterprise environments, including the edge and the cloud.
INFORMATICA InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Informatica Stream Processing

Informatica offers stream processing as part of Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), a broad, cloud-ready, and well-integrated data management platform.
KX InBrief (cover thumbnail)

KX (2021)

KX (or, more properly, KX Streaming Analytics) is a highly performant streaming analytics platform layered on top of a time-series database.
N5 InBrief (cover thumbnail)

N5 Rumi (Streaming Analytics)

Rumi is a software platform that enables enterprises to embed rich, real-time analytical data processing directly into their transactional applications.
00002667 - SAS InBrief (cover thumbnail)

SAS Event Stream Processing (2021)

SAS ESP is an event stream processing platform that enables streaming analytics by applying SAS’s existing analytics capabilities to data in motion.
00002679 - STRIIM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Striim (2021)

Striim offers enterprise-level, continuous, and real-time data integration, CDC, and stream processing, including streaming integration and analytics.
00002680 - TIBCO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

TIBCO Streaming

TIBCO Streaming is a streaming analytics product that strives to help you to better connect, understand, and interact with your streaming data.
SARI..BE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

SARI..BE - Automated Real-Time Business Ecosystem Digital Twin Platform

The capabilities of SARI..BE offer an interesting entry point to such a Digital Twin Ecosystem environment.
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