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Vision, Aims and Critical Success Factors - 1 Isometric typographic message

Vision, Aims and Critical Success Factors

How do you know you are doing the future of work right? The future is here now – you need to start thinking differently and getting prepared.
Open Source Software Integrity

Open Source Software Integrity

Is possible Chinese sponsorship a threat to Open Source Software? Bloor's David Norfolk believes that the OSS model is robust enough to survive.
Future of work and the gig economy

Future of Work and the Gig Economy

Future of Work is the “gig economy” - temporary positions with workers hired short-term. This is very “Mutable Business” but can bring worker insecurity.
New Business Models – From Human to Hybrid

New Business Models – From Human to Hybrid

The migration to a human/machine hybrid business model is well under way. The pace and nature of the change is accelerating all the time.
The Future of Work – a new frame of reference

The Future of Work – a new frame of reference

The future of work has been a difficult to define but hot topic for the last few years. Here is our framework for rethinking and getting prepared.

Latest Updates

00002552 - DATA GOVERNANCE Market Update cover thumbnail

Data Governance (July 2020)

Data governance, as a space, has matured significantly over the past few years. This Market Update examines and competitively evaluates the vendors therein.
AB INITIO (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

Ab Initio Metadata Hub

The Ab Initio Metadata Hub acts as the data governance component for Ab Initio’s data management platform.
ALEX SOLUTIONS (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

Alex Solutions Data Governance

This paper describes and evaluates Alex Solutions’ data governance offering, a platform that provides a range of metadata management capabilities.
GLOBAL DATA EXCELLENCE (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

GDE Data Excellence Management System

DEMS, short for Data Excellence Management System, is a data governance and data quality platform.
IBM (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog, itself part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, is a data catalogue and data governance solution.
INFOGIX (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

Infogix Data360 Govern

Infogix Data360 is a browser-based, enterprise-ready data intelligence platform consisting of Data360 Govern, Data360 DQ+, and Data360 Analyze.
INFORMATICA (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

Informatica Axon Data Governance (July 2020)

Informatica Axon Data Governance provides browser-based, business level access to a variety of enterprise grade data governance capabilities.
SAP (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward, assisted by integration with SAP Data Services, is an enterprise-ready data governance solution.
SOLIX (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) for Data Governance

Solix Common Data Platform is a broadly applicable ‘Big Data Application Framework’ that provides an information architecture for your data-driven enterprise.
Syniti Knowledge Platform InBrief cover thumbnail

Syniti Knowledge Platform

The Syniti Knowledge Platform is a unified solution for data governance and management with a variety of functions.
TopQuadrant TopBraid EDG (Data Gov) InBrief cover thumbnail

TopQuadrant TopBraid EDG

TopQuadrant TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) is a data governance platform built on RDF knowledge graphs.
00002554 - DATA WAREHOUSING MU cover thumbnail

Options for analytic databases and warehouses

This is a comparative analysis of products/vendors within the data warehouse and analytics platform space.

Welcome to Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years we have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

Welcome to Bloor

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