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Welcome to Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years we have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

Welcome to Bloor

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Businesses need help to understand the requirements of an IoT project

The initial challenge about identifying IoT project use cases and business benefit is being tackled, albeit many examples are still only in the pilot phase.
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DevOps growing up in Lisbon

At DevOps World | Jenkins World, Forrester told the assembled press and analysts that DevOps is winning and that use of waterfall methods is falling.
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Now you can have lower costs and higher availability in Edge deploymen...

Edge computing will demand cost effective, small-footprint, agile, resilient systems that can be run in “dark” micro-datacentres.
Towards effective digital experience management

Towards effective digital experience management

Research into vendor capabilities in AIOps and Hybrid Infrastructure Management has revealed interesting insights in to what differentiates various solutions.

Latest Updates

00002526 - ANALYTIC OPS MarketReport cover thumbnail


AnalyticOps is about the reduction of friction around the delivery, operationalisation and ongoing monitoring and (change) management of analytic models.
TIBCO InBrief cover thumbnail

TIBCO Data Science Model Operations

TIBCO Data Science is an analytics and data science platform with a notably broad remit. This focuses on the model management capabilities of the product.
TERADATA InBrief cover thumbnail

Teradata AnalyticOps

Teradata AnalyticOps Accelerator is a software and services offering comprised of best practices, proven design patterns, and tried-and-tested code.
SAS Operationalising Analytics InBrief cover thumbnail

SAS Operationalising Analytics

SAS offers a variety of products (Model, Decision and Workflow Managers) built around the idea of operationalising your analytics.
IBM OPENSCALE InBrief cover thumbnail

IBM Watson OpenScale

IBM Watson OpenScale is a platform that is specifically targeted at operationalising AI (augmented intelligence) models.
EXPERIAN POWERCURVE InBrief cover thumbnail

Experian PowerCurve

Experian PowerCurve is a decision management platform upon which the company delivers a variety of customer-centric and analytically driven decision solutions.
00002516 - MemSQL InBrief cover thumbnail

MemSQL (January 2020)

MemSQL is a scale-out distributed database, with a lock-free architecture that supports both row and column storage. They target Fortune 1000 companies.
InBrief SCYLLA DB cover thumbnail


ScyllaDB is a Cassandra compatible database developed using C++ rather than Java. As a result in has a smaller footprint and better performance that Cassandra.
InBrief CHAOSSEARCH cover thumbnail


CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-native, long-term log and event analytics service running on Amazon S3.
ALLEGROGRAPH InDetail cover thumbnail


This paper discusses Franz AllegroGraph, a highly secure, semantic, RDF-based graph database available in-cloud and on-premises.
DATA ROBOT InBrief cover thumbnail


This paper discusses DataRobot, an automated machine learning platform targeted at the enterprise.
API INTEGRATION Spotlight cover

API integration, the right data at the right time - Unlocking valuable data with APIs

This report spotlights the evolution of APIs from EDI to EAI to the API Economy. Companies can add value by opening up their data in a controlled, secure way.
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