Bloor Research is a people-driven business; the quality of our researchers and analysts defines the service level we provide to our customers. For close to 30 years we have recruited and developed some of the best analysts in the industry. Typically they are articulate, intelligent IT professionals with over 20 years hands on experience—in IT marketing, product management and IT management.

In addition to our Practice Leaders we have a number of other analysts, but not all of these work exclusively as analyst. Due to other commitments our Associate Analysts are only able to take a limited number of briefings and we cannot guarantee their immediate follow-up on research or other activities.

To find out more about our analyst team, please click on a face below:

Photo Of Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler

Senior Analyst
Photo Of Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard

Senior Researcher
Photo Of David Norfolk

David Norfolk

Practice Leader: Development & Governance
Photo Of David Norris

David Norris

Senior Analyst: Business Intelligence (BI)
Photo Of David Terrar

David Terrar

Executive Advisor
Photo Of Dr Richard Sykes

Dr Richard Sykes

Research Director, Cloud and Executive Advisor
Photo Of Fran Howarth

Fran Howarth

Practice Leader: Security
Photo Of Justin Speake
Photo Of Kevin Borley

Kevin Borley

Executive Advisor
Photo Of Martin Banks

Martin Banks

Senior Analyst: Datacentre & Mainframe
Photo Of Paul Bevan

Paul Bevan

Research Director: IT Infrastructure
Photo Of Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams

Practice Leader: Accessibility and Usability
Photo Of Peter Howes

Peter Howes

Research Director: Governance, Risk & Compliance
Photo Of Philip Howard

Philip Howard

Research Director: Information Management
Photo Of Richard Rose

Richard Rose

Photo Of Robin Bloor
Photo Of Ronnie Beggs

Ronnie Beggs

Senior Analyst: Real Time Analytics
Photo Of Simon Holloway

Simon Holloway

Practice Leader: Process Management & Sensory Devices