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Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard

Daniel began his career in the IT industry relatively recently, in only 2014. Following the completion of his Masters in Mathematics at the University of Bath, he started working as a developer and tester at IPL (now part of Civica Group). His work there included all manner of software development and testing, usually in an Agile environment and usually to a high standard. In the summer of 2016, Daniel left IPL to work for Bloor Research as an analyst, and the rest is history.

Daniel works primarily in the data space, though he dabbles in development, testing, and DevOps. The former often (though far from always) involves working alongside his father, Philip Howard, while the latter allows him to leverage the technical expertise, insight and ‘on-the-ground’ perspective garnered through his old life as a developer to good effect.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys latin and ballroom dancing, board games, skiing, cooking, and playing the guitar.

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