Our primary objective is to ensure IT buyers can more effectively leverage their IT budgets and the services we offer to IT vendors are designed to support this by helping you to understand the market and your customers’ needs, building better products, reaching and educating your potential buyers. We do this by providing knowledge, influence through our publications, primary research and go-to-market support.

For further information please download our Publications Datasheet and Subscriptions.


Bloor’s reputation is built on publishing independent, intelligent, well-articulated publications on all aspects of the ICT industry. Our publications help both large and small vendor clients:

  • Identify and exploit market gaps and product sales opportunities
  • Better understand the key market drivers of demand
  • Better identify direct and potential competitors
  • Position products and services more profitably in the market
  • Deliver product and service solutions delivering real economic value to customers
  • Deliver compelling marketing communications messages to customers

Bloor provides content licensing to vendors. Vendors can reprint complete articles, extracts or quotations to insert on their web sites, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, product descriptions, brochures or sales proposals. Such third party endorsements can have a high impact and resonance with customers and potential channel partners in creating demand and providing proof of concept.

Primary Research

We research whatever information you need to support your business decisions, such as the size and nature of your marketplace, target customers, needs, positioning and true potential. If we do not already have the information, we can develop and execute an appropriate research project to gather it electronically, by telephone or by detailed interview and intelligently analyse the data collected. We can utilise our analysts to assist you in developing your follow-up strategies to take full advantage of the knowledge gained.

Go To Market Support

The skills and experience of our analyst team, together with our alliances and partnerships, can be used to enhance your tactical marketing activities. Bloor can provide speakers and facilitators, create bespoke events, deliver sales education, provide media skills support to deliver key messages, tailor the services described above—and even combine a variety of these to build and help manage an entire campaign.


Subscriptions have been created to allow IT vendors to take advantage of Bloor’s knowledge, infrastructure and analyst services in high value byte-sized chunks. You can simply select one of the services outlined above or access any one of our library of 500+ reports as and when you need the information. An annual subscription cost less than the price of a single report so will be your most cost-effective approach when you make full use of Bloor’s capabilities.