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Robin Bloor

Robin Bloor

Robin Bloor is a leading authority and influencer in the industry. In his role as an industry analyst, Robin has become an influential commentator on many corporate IT issues and is in great demand as a presenter at conferences, user groups and seminars addressing audiences across the world on a variety of technology topics from eCommerce through to IT Strategy and trends.

For a decade and a half he was the driving force behind the research effort at Bloor Research, and authored many of its industry reports and product comparisons. He has expertise across the whole field of IT with particular expertise in database, development tools, system management, IT security and hardware technology.

His best-selling business book “The Electronic Bazaar: From the Silk Road to the eRoad” was featured as book of the week by the Times, referred to as “a classic” by Publisher’s Weekly (in the US), and described by the Library Journal (also in the US) as “One of the Best Business Books of 2000”.

Now living in Austin, Texas, he is still a regular visitor to Europe. He is also a Partner in Hurwitz & Associates, a partner company to Bloor Research which provides IT analysis services to US companies.

He has been influential in shaping the direction and thinking of a generation of IT strategists and continues to provide insight on the direction of IT as it moves forward.

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