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Fast ROI

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Classification: Research Report

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In the current economic climate the desire to take risks is diminished and the need to cut costs is paramount. Corporations and IT departments are looking for technology propositions that are low risk and likely to deliver a high return quickly on the money invested: We call such investments Fast ROI investments. We define such Fast ROI investments as those that pay back the outlay within one year and from then, continue to deliver benefits.

The Fast ROI report investigates and discusses the whole issue of risk and the return on investment. It charts the change in the business environment, discusses the nature of IT strategy from a practical perspective and investigates ROI and Fast ROI. The report is specifically targeted at those IT executives and managers that need to make a difference. It includes a definition of the driving forces that are currently pushing IT innovation and advises on how to align IT strategy with these forces. It includes two specific sections, on the selection of server hardware and on the web analytics, in both instances providing the ROI consideration in planning strategy and tactics in these important areas of technology investment. At the same time it also covers the problems and opportunities of legacy systems and legacy technologies. Finally the report includes a set of brief write-ups of products that can offer Fast ROI in specific contexts.

This report is a must for IT executives, managers and consultants that get involved in strategic and tactical IT projects at the planning stage.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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