The workshop series is based upon our Mutable Business™ framework by assessing readiness, aligning and prioritising actionable outcomes and signposting recommendations to move towards best practice Mutable solutions. Each workshop addressing one of the core components of the Mutable framework: People, Business and Technology. Each workshop stands alone but interlocks, so if you elect to run the whole series, or any two, we will be drawing ideas and outcomes from across the events.

The workshop programmes are aimed at executive team members who have responsibility for change leadership and business reinvention.


Programme outline (6-8 delegates per programme)

Pre Work

  • 121s with executive team to assess readiness and alignment
  • Create objectives with sponsor to understand desired state and output from programme
  • Mutable self-assessment

Workshop sessions

  • Launch and scene setting, including Mutable Assessment outcome and feedback
  • Setting the strategic context
  • Accelerating evolution
  • Planning and next steps


  • Report and recommendations
  • Phase one roadmap
  • Planning of ongoing Navigator support as required