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Cover for KX (2021)

KX (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
KX (or, more properly, KX Streaming Analytics) is a highly performant streaming analytics platform layered on top of a time-series database.

Cover for N5 Rumi (Streaming Analytics)

N5 Rumi (Streaming Analytics)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Rumi is a software platform that enables enterprises to embed rich, real-time analytical data processing directly into their transactional applications.

Cover for SAS Event Stream Processing (2021)

SAS Event Stream Processing (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
SAS ESP is an event stream processing platform that enables streaming analytics by applying SAS’s existing analytics capabilities to data in motion.

Cover for Striim (2021)

Striim (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Striim offers enterprise-level, continuous, and real-time data integration, CDC, and stream processing, including streaming integration and analytics.

Cover for TIBCO Streaming

TIBCO Streaming
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
TIBCO Streaming is a streaming analytics product that strives to help you to better connect, understand, and interact with your streaming data.

Cover for SARI..BE - Automated Real-Time Business Ecosystem Digital Twin Platform

SARI..BE - Automated Real-Time Business Ecosystem Digital Twin Platform
Published: 3rd December 2021 | By:
The capabilities of SARI..BE offer an interesting entry point to such a Digital Twin Ecosystem environment.

Cover for Eggplant Salesforce Solution

Eggplant Salesforce Solution
Published: 26th November 2021 | By:
Eggplant Salesforce Solution is an accelerator for Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence designed for testing Salesforce applications and releases.

Cover for Testim Automate

Testim Automate
Published: 25th November 2021 | By:
Testim Automate is a web-based functional test automation platform that uses AI to build highly resilient and automated UI tests.

Cover for Teradata Vantage (2021)

Teradata Vantage (2021)
Published: 19th November 2021 | By:
Teradata Vantage is a data warehousing and analytics solution with a variety of deployment options. This report examines it as a cloud solution specifically.

Cover for eG Enterprise V7

eG Enterprise V7
Published: 4th November 2021 | By:
eG Enterprise V7 manages and monitors the end-user experience and business performance of applications and infrastructure.

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