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Cover for Edge Computing

Edge Computing
Published: 25th August 2022 | By:
Edge computing brings computation, data, storage and power closer to the point of action or event, reducing latency and saving bandwidth

Cover for Edge Network Interconnection Platforms

Edge Network Interconnection Platforms
Published: 29th April 2020 | By:
A secure, managed platform that enables connectivity from Edge locations to the Cloud or other specific public sector and enterprise networks.

Cover for Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Infrastructure Management
Published: 1st March 2020 | By:
Hybrid Infrastructure Management solutions will enable I.T. to deliver availability & performance SLAs, even on cloud-based infrastructure that may not be directly under its control.

Cover for Blockchain

Published: 7th February 2019 | By:
Hot Report explaining Blockchain distributed ledger technology benefits business model use cases and why you should skill up and include in your strategy now.

Cover for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Published: 1st February 2019 | By:
Predictive analytics refers to the ability to predict events before they occur, allowing you to take remedial action in advance. Prescriptive analytics extends this concept by either suggesting the actions you should take or automating those actions.

Cover for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Published: 29th January 2019 | By:
How does ML/AI work, who are the vendors and why you should care?

Cover for Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint detection and response
Published: 7th December 2018 | By:
EDR supplements traditional endpoint protection by providing capabilities for threat detection and response, going beyond a traditional focus on threat prevention and protection.

Cover for Security Response Orchestration

Security Response Orchestration
Published: 5th December 2018 | By:
Security response orchestration enables automated incident response when appropriate, augmented with human knowledge for better-informed decision making.

Cover for User and Entity Behavioural Analytics

User and Entity Behavioural Analytics
Published: 5th December 2018 | By:
UEBA technologies focus on identifying patterns of activity that are outside of the normal patterns expected in order to identify activity that could be suspicious or clearly malicious.

Cover for Encryption

Published: 7th November 2018 | By:
Why encryption is getting a new lease of life and should be the default option for securing sensitive data.

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