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Bloor has a library of over 1,000 published research papers that provide incisive but cost effective decision support information. Our research publications can help your organisation by giving you:

  • Greater insight into the business issues technology is addressing
  • Thorough concise reviews on technologies and the issues they address, with comparisons between all the vendors and the ways in which they solve the problems
  • Detailed evaluations of individual IT solutions, effectively communicating their value and the issues they address.

Here are our latest papers:

What is XDR

What is XDR?
Published: 18th March 2022 | By:
What is XDR and why is it needed? What can it do for you? This infographic explains in a clear and concise way.

TEST DATA MANAGEMENT AND MAGE InContext (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management and Mage
Published: 14th March 2022 | By:
This paper discusses the challenges within the test data management space, and highlights Mage as a means of addressing them.

ETHICS OF SENSITIVE DATA Spotlight cover thumbnail

The ethics of sensitive data and Solix Technologies
Published: 10th March 2022 | By:
Increased privacy regulation and public awareness have made it more important than ever to handle sensitive data ethically. But what does that mean in practice?

EGGPLANT KEYSIGHT DAI InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI)
Published: 4th March 2022 | By:
Eggplant DAI is a software automation platform that leverages AI to create a digital twin model for functional, regression, and user experience testing.

IRI Voracity cover thumbnail

Sensitive Data Discovery and Masking in IRI Voracity
Published: 3rd March 2022 | By:
IRI Voracity is a data management platform that provides significant data masking and discovery capabilities.

Ingres NeXt cover thumbnail

Ingres NeXt Database and Application Modernisation
Published: 13th January 2022 | By:
This report discusses Ingres NeXt, Actian’s flexible and comprehensive approach to digital transformation through database and application modernisation.

STREAMING ANALYTICS Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Streaming Analytics (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Streaming analytics extracts actionable insights from streaming data in real-time. This report discusses the streaming analytics space and its solutions.

00002674 - ESPER TECH InBrief (cover thumbnail)

EsperTech (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Esper is a stream processing/analytics platform that markets itself as “pure-play CEP”, and in fact was one of the first CEP engines introduced to the market.

GATHR InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Gathr is a self-service-oriented data pipeline platform, and more specifically, an all-in-one platform for creating, managing, and deploying data pipelines.

00002673 - GUAVUS InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Guavus SQLstream (2021)
Published: 14th December 2021 | By:
Guavus SQLstream offers efficient and cost-effective streaming analytics across a range of enterprise environments, including the edge and the cloud.

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