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Bloor has a library of over 1,000 published research papers that provide incisive but cost effective decision support information. Our research publications can help your organisation by giving you:

  • Greater insight into the business issues technology is addressing
  • Thorough concise reviews on technologies and the issues they address, with comparisons between all the vendors and the ways in which they solve the problems
  • Detailed evaluations of individual IT solutions, effectively communicating their value and the issues they address.

Here are our latest papers:

00002810 - IRI Voracity InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management in IRI Voracity
Published: 6th December 2023 | By:
IRI Voracity is a “total data management” platform that can be used as an effective solution for test data management.

00002807 - Data Governance Solutions InComparison 2023 (cover thumbnail)

Comparing Data Governance Solutions - Alation vs Ataccama vs Collibra
Published: 1st December 2023 | By:
Bloor compare the data governance offerings of Alation, Ataccama and Collibra.

COLLIBRA data intelligence solution InBrief cover thumbnail

Collibra data intelligence solution
Published: 23rd November 2023 | By:
Collibra continues to evolve its data governance platform with artificial intelligence extensions and other enhancements in the next release.

ATACCAMA data management platform InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Ataccama data governance
Published: 9th November 2023 | By:
Ataccama has a full-function data governance tool at its heart.

SAP Master Data Governance cover thumbnail

SAP Master Data Governance
Published: 7th November 2023 | By:
SAP’s Master Data Governance product is their flagship master data management product.

SOLIX Common Data Platform White Paper (cover thumbnail)

AI and Generative AI within an Enterprise Information Architecture - Solix and The Operating System for the Enterprise
Published: 1st November 2023 | By:
An Enterprise Information Architecture can be viewed as the operating system of the Enterprise by means of which all applications are deployed and executed.

00002801 - INTERSYSTEMS InContext (cover thumbnail Eng)

Optimising supply chains in an unpredictable world with InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator
Published: 27th October 2023 | By:
Supply Chain Orchestrator has been designed to enable supply chain leaders and their teams to take full advantage of a comprehensive view of end-to-end data.

00002803 - EXPERIAN InBRIEF (cover thumbnail)

Experian’s Data Governance Offering
Published: 27th October 2023 | By:
Experian has entered the data governance arena via its acquisition of UK vendor IntoZetta.

ALATION InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Published: 24th October 2023 | By:
Alation is a modern data catalog product with artificial intelligence underpinnings.

GRAPH DATABASES MU 2023 (cover thumbnail)

Graph Databases (2023)
Published: 20th October 2023 | By:
We discuss segmentation, movement, and trends within the graph market. We also include a comparative study of several graph products.

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