The Bloor advisory service helps CIOs and IT Directors take a leadership role with their organisation’s senior executives by better understanding how to make use of innovative and disruptive technologies to elevate your business above your competitors.

We help develop the knowledge and skills of your IT leadership team so they can become the leaders you need for a sustainable and successful future.

How we do it

  • Bloor develops and maintains influential relationships with established and up and coming companies around the world to gain advanced privileged information about their technologies. Of particular focus today is Silicon Valley and Tech City.
  • Bloor has a very experienced team of analysts and advisors, including many that have held the CIO role in organisations or are recognised leaders in specialist fields such as networking or security Using these resources we provide practical tailored and contextualised actionable insight, advice and guidance to mentor your IT leadership team and senior executives. This is delivered via personalised newsletters, company-specific workshops and regular one-on-one reviews.
  • This is backed by a supportive events and content program to let you build relationships and drill down on the topics most relevant to you—learning from the experiences of those who’ve been there and done it as well as from those who are developing emerging and potentially disruptive technologies.

Executive Advisory Program (EAP)

Bloor offers a unique high value subscription service to CIOs and senior business executives. Our service is designed to help CIOs lead their executive management team to keep abreast of technology innovations and understand how they could impact their business.

Today’s CIO has a near-impossible task of having to keep abreast of ever-changing technologies, legislation, and business demands, managing both internal and external resources to deliver the improved business performance crucial for business survival.

The pace of change in business technology has accelerated significantly in recent years. There is a constant stream of game-changing or disruptive technologies. These have the potential to give businesses competitive advantage or can pose a serious threat to the business from new entrants who don’t have the baggage of legacy systems or out-of-date expensive IT infrastructures.

The CIO needs to play a more active leadership role in identifying new technologies and bringing them into the business at the right time. But how does he keep abreast of everything that is going on and identify the crucial technologies that can impact the business, positively or negatively?

Senior executive managers also need to understand both the opportunities and threats posed by emerging, innovative and potentially disruptive technologies.

This is where Bloor can help by providing you relevant information at the touch of a button, providing access to leading analysts and experienced CIOs to help you understand how the application of new technologies could either benefit or harm your business.

We help the CIO provide technology leadership and understanding to his executive management team so that together they are better placed to make important investment decisions from a position of knowledge, not ignorance.

We believe that a combination of Bloor’s experience and knowledge, combined with its research capability and industry-leading analysts, allow us to offer a unique high value information and advisory service for an affordable price that is much lower than you would expect.

For more information on this exciting program please read about the EAP Full Membership Service.