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Memgraph was founded in 2016 and has offices in London and Croatia. While suitable for many environments the company targets complex graph analytics, often where multiple graph algorithms need to be used in conjunction. For example, in the industrial sector where complex production networks need real-time performance analysis and optimisation, and in the energy sector where power grids need to be managed in a similar fashion. The company also addresses common real-time problems such as customer intelligence (recommendations), cybersecurity, and fraud detection. More generally, the company has historically focused on making operational graph analytics easier to use, especially for developers and data scientists.

As of 2021, the product – also called Memgraph – is available as open source using a dual licensing model: the Community Edition is freely available under the Apache license, while the Enterprise Edition is proprietary. The two editions use the same codebase, but the Enterprise Edition comes with additional features, such as LDAP, multi-tenancy, and additional disaster recovery options, as well as enterprise support. There is also a cloud-based managed service offering available on AWS.

The company partners with Cambridge Intelligence, Graphileon, FactGem, and Linkurious, amongst others.

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Headquarters: 20 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9AR


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Memgraph is an open source, in-memory, ACID-compliant property graph database written in C++.
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Memgraph is an in-memory, ACID-compliant, property graph database written in C++ that supports openCypher.
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Memgraph is a property graph database targeted primarily at hybrid analytic and transactional environments.
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