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Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management (2022)

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Classification: InBrief

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Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management is a suite of connected applications that provides visibility and control over your spreadsheets and other EUC (End User Computing) assets. It thereby enables you to make critical business decisions based on accurate, trustworthy data.

Three products are available: Xcellerator, Concourse and Locator. Xcellerator is a desktop application embedded in Microsoft Excel which is used to investigate, validate and compare spreadsheets (including different versions of the same spreadsheet). Concourse is used for continuous monitoring of spreadsheets and visibility into spreadsheet usage – typically for compliance or auditing purposes – as well as change management and integration with content management systems. It also provides access control at the spreadsheet level. Finally, Locator offers visibility into your EUC assets: it discovers which assets exist and where they are, calculates the risks associated with each asset, and provides reporting capabilities.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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