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This paper has been superseded by Broadcom Test Data Manager (2024) (February, 2024)

CA Test Data Manager

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CA Test Data Manager is a test data management solution that supports data subsetting and masking as well as synthetic data generation. Through these methods, it provides a standardised set of data that covers all possible tests, remains up-to-date, can be provisioned on-demand, and contains no sensitive data. In the process of creating this dataset, it will also profile your production data, creating a view of what data exists and where, while exposing and visualising any relationships that exist within your data. This aids in understanding your data and will inform your use of the product.

All of these capabilities are available via the Test Data Manager Portal, itself accessible through a web browser. This means that the entire test data management and test data provisioning processes can be accessed via a single interface. Moreover, each capability is equipped with guided workflows and instructional videos built right into the Portal, making them very easy and intuitive to use.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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