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Data as an Asset - Where's the Value?

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IRI Voracity and Test Design Automation

IRI Voracity is a data management platform that offers a wide range of data-oriented functionality. How does that functionality apply to test design automation?
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Turning your data into value with YourDataConnect

YourDataConnect is doing something nobody else is doing, something which addresses the issue of helping you turn data in to business value.
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Should Trust be on the Balance Sheet?

Trust is an essential intangible asset for business, its leaders and its workforce. Commerce can’t operate without it. Should it be on the balance sheet?
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Total cost of ownership (TCO) survey

TCO is often overlooked and under-researched. We are aiming to rectify this matter across a range of data management issues.
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The limits of machine learning

How much difference will machine learning make? Does anyone actually know?
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What do I think about data governance? Catch this video.
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Data governance and risk

I am going to make a radical suggestion. I am going to suggest that far from having a data governance council or some other body that oversees a corporate data governance structure that this...
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Accurate test data

Traditional approaches to test data involve sampling (and then masking) from your existing data. However, there are advantages to generating the data from scratch.
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