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This paper has been superseded by Fivetran (2023) (May, 2023)

Fivetran (2021)

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Fivetran is a fully managed cloud-native data integration solution that offers ELT technology with ongoing synchronisation provided through micro-batch-based change data capture.

It is arguably better to think of Fivetran as a connector company since this is where it has historically focused and where its competitive differentiation lies, at least from a technical perspective. The company currently offers more than 150 connectors, the vast majority of which are application connectors. The number of databases supported, whether as sources or targets, is relatively small though growing. Because FiveTran guarantees Idempotence there is no support for generic connectivity such as ODBC/JDBC. The other reason to think of Fivetran as a connector company as opposed to a data integration vendor is that it has not historically supported much in the way of transformation capability. Fortunately, this is changing and the company has partnered with dbt to embed its SQL-based transformation engine into the Fivetran environment.

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