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Gathr Industry Impact Study: Financial Services

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Cybersecurity experts follow a continual arms race, engaging with bad actors that are constantly evolving the sophistication of their attacks. In the modern times, attacks are ever more frequent, more complex, and more subtle – and your security measures must evolve too in order to keep up with them. In addition, the increased stringency of recent regulation – GDPR et al. – combined with greater public awareness means that any data breach that allows sensitive, personal data to get loose will almost certainly result in very substantial harm to both your bottom line and your reputation.

Threat detection, in particular, is an important part of cybersecurity, and plays a major role in preventing data breaches (or at least minimising their frequency and impact). But it is not a trivial thing, especially with data itself becoming more abundant than it ever has been before: you need to be able to monitor your entire system – all your data, or at least all your sensitive data – for anomalous behaviour and flag it up in something very close to real-time, with high accuracy. You need a solution that can access and analyse your data quickly and automatically. What’s more, this is all especially important in the world of financial services, due to the inherently high sensitivity of the data involved. Gathr is more than capable of providing a robust solution for threat detection within such an environment.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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