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This paper has been superseded by Ataccama and Data Fabric (2024) (February, 2024)

Ataccama ONE Data Fabric (2022)

InBRIEF ATACCAMA ONE Data Fabric (cover thumbnail)

Classification: InBrief

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Ataccama ONE is a data management platform that can, among other things, be used to create a data fabric within your environment. The definition of a data fabric can oftentimes be nebulous or complex, but in this case refers to a system that can near-instantly deliver high-quality data to both users and business processes in a form that is well-suited for their respective use cases. In practice, such a system is about automatically building reliable, fit-for-purpose data integration pipelines. That said, it is important to note that a data fabric is not a technology in itself, but rather an emergent quality of such a system. In other words, Ataccama does not sell a data fabric in-a-box, but rather provides a series of products which can give rise to a data fabric when used together appropriately.

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