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Founded in 2007 in the Czech Republic, Ataccama initially focused on data quality before branching out into master data management (MDM) and data governance. It now has a broad suite of data management tools. The company has now grown to ten locations and over 500 staff, in June 2022 gaining a $150 million investment from Bain Capital for further expansion. In the last year it achieved 50% revenue growth year on year. Ataccama has 75 corporate partners including Snowflake, and 95% of new deals are subscription based. Customers include Aviva, T-Mobile, GSK and Heineken. Half of the company’s revenue is now from the USA, with just over a third from Europe and the rest in Asia-Pacific, the fastest growing region. Financial services is the largest vertical, but the company has plenty of pharma and life science customers, and a quite broad range customers in other verticals.

Version 14 of the software platform “Ataccama One” has just been released in early 2023. The latest release includes improved reporting of data quality status, specific support for the Snowflake data warehouse, improved collaboration features and a new module that allows you to take any set of data and put in within a managed framework, allowing build-in data quality, version management etc. The new release contains enhancements to the artificial intelligence it uses to suggest potential data matches, based on observation of human domain experts. The release builds on the Ataccama data catalog for compliance, which includes support for data governance and associated workflow.

Ataccama now has a well-rounded and quite complete data management solution competing effectively with vendors such as Informatica, Talend and IBM. Its data quality offering includes everything you would expect: profiling, matching, cleansing, anomaly detection, monitoring and reporting. Customers note its good performance, ease of implementation and high-quality professional services staff. It has always been a company based on strong product engineering, and its recent large cash injection should enable it to market more actively and bring the product to a wider audience.


Company Info

Headquarters: 140 Broadway 46th Floor, New York City, NY 10005
Telephone: +1 (212) 208 1463


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