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Ataccama is a data management software vendor that is headquartered in Canada, has offices around the world, and over 400 corporate customers.

It began in the data quality arena, expanding to master data management and more recently to data governance support. Ataccama when it started emphasised scalability based on a modern platform, driven by its early clients in financial services. Its master data management capability is not an acquisition bolted on but was built from scratch so it is highly integrated with the data quality functions, which is more than can be said for some of its competitors. It was multi-domain by design, so as well as dealing with customer and product data it has customers using it to manage data in a range of different data domains, such as companies, stocks and positions in financial service scenarios. The company has grown steadily and had 50% year on year growth last year, recently attracting a large $150 million investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities to finance further expansion. The company finds that 95% of its new customers are on a subscription model, and offers a flexible set of deployment solutions across cloud and on premise or a hybrid, including support for various styles of MDM deployment.

The company has an ambitious technology roadmap, and has recently doubled its research and development team. Ataccama already has a quite complete range of functionality, spanning data quality, MDM and data governance but also having built-in ETL and data integration capability. It already uses machine learning for data matching but aims to significantly extend the use of newer artificial intelligence capabilities into other areas of the product, such as the generation of descriptions in its business catalog. Ataccama has long had strong technology, and its greater financial strength is now enabling significant expansion of capability both in terms of technology advances and entering new markets. Customers looking for a whole platform solution to master data management should ensure that Ataccama is on their shortlist to consider.