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Gathr Industry Impact Study: Telecommunications

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Classification: InPerspective

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The cloud is very popular in today’s business environment, and its popularity only seems to be increasing with time. It promises greater agility, flexibility, and scalability in the way you are able to store your data. And with the ever-increasing abundance of data collected by most organisations, and the consequent difficulty of storing and managing said data, the cloud makes a lot of sense. It should therefore come as no surprise that many enterprises want to migrate away from their existing environments and into the cloud, either as their sole environment or (more often) as part of a hybrid or multi cloud solution.

This is true for telecommunications as much as any other industry. Moreover, it is also true for data warehouses as much as any other aspect of data management. By moving your warehouse to the cloud, you can increase performance and time-to-insight while reducing operational costs. This is the subject of this report: how can Gathr’s data integration and engineering solution help you to migrate away from an on-prem solution and into the cloud, especially in the context of the telecommunications industry?

Free Download (subject to terms)

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