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GridGain Unified Real-Time Data Platform

Gridgain InBrief (cover thumbnail)

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GridGain started life as an in-memory data grid. The product has since evolved to include the option to act as an in-memory database which means that it is now, technically, an in-memory computing (IMC) platform rather than just a data grid.

At the same time, being able to operate in-memory is not by itself enough to fully address many real-time data use cases, as you will also need to contend with latency caused by data movement, data silos, complex workloads, and more. Hence, GridGain has developed into a unified platform for operating on data at scale and at speed that can remedy all of these concerns simultaneously.

It is capable of handling data at rest and data in motion, transaction and analytical processing, AI and MLOps, and stream processing, all using a unified infrastructure. “Collocated” analytics can be performed wherever the relevant data resides, mitigating the need for data movement. It can also integrate with (multiple) systems of record. In short, it can be used to simplify and optimise your data ecosystem.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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