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This paper has been superseded by Workscope (2024) (May, 2024)

Workscope (2022)

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Classification: InBrief

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Workscope is a spreadsheet and EUC (End User Computing) asset management platform that leverages continuous discovery and real-time insights to help you govern your EUC assets.

Workscope’s raison d’être is to provide you with targeted intelligence about your EUC assets that enable you to remediate, manage, and control them effectively. For instance, it offers risk information and usage analysis for your spreadsheets, allowing you to both see which spreadsheets need to be remediated and prioritise that remediation. Moreover, these insights are provided in real-time, allowing you to act on them the moment they become relevant. As a further bonus, it also makes it easy to demonstrate (to a regulating body, say) that your system fulfils regulatory requirements and operates at an acceptably low level of risk.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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