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Top data integration qualities to watch out for in 2023


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The vast majority of data integration solutions – and certainly all the data integration solutions worth taking seriously at the enterprise level – have several essential capabilities in common, that on the one hand are “must-haves” for a data integration solution to function effectively, but on the other are so widespread among such solutions that they are effectively table stakes. Examples of this would be things like cloud integration, a reasonably robust suite of connectors to various data sources, a graphical user interface, some fairly large set of pre-built transformations for use with ETL and/or ELT, and so on. Our aim in this document is to discuss the five most important qualities that a data integration solution should strive for beyond these basic capabilities. This includes what those qualities are, how they can be achieved in the context of data integration, and how they help generate value from data integration.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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