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Teradata ClearScape Analytics

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Classification: InBrief

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Teradata Vantage is a connected, multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that aims to provide a unified solution for all of your data sources. It delivers advanced analytics and machine learning functions, and makes it easy for analysts, data scientists, and line of business users alike to harness these functions to address business opportunities. Its core value proposition is that it will help you to operationalise your AI by improving the productivity of your data scientists, training your models at scale, and situating those models within a concrete business context that directly links them to business outcomes.

VantageCloud – formerly Vantage in the Cloud – is a version of Vantage that operates as a cloud analytics and data platform, offering the aforementioned capabilities as part of a cloud deployment. ClearScape Analytics refers to the analytic capabilities available as part of the Vantage platform, including VantageCloud and deployments thereof. It is comprised of more than 150 in-database functions, open and connected integrations/APIs, and features enabling the full-scale activation and operationalisation of analytics. In particular, this means that the same analytics functionality underpins all Vantage deployment options.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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