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IBM certainly does have a significant set of AIOps capabilities, both through the acquisition of Instana, Turbonomics and SevOne and in-house developments.
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eG Innovations gets Observability

Observability was an important element in delivering an excellent digital experience to end users and orienting performance around business events and outcomes, rather than IT systems.
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The limits of machine learning

How much difference will machine learning make? Does anyone actually know?
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A quiet revolution

Analytics and graphs are appearing in more and more software tools
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Chartio – bringing BI to the Business

Chartio have brought a point and click reporting tool to market that combines a low TCO, with ease of use and professional looking results.
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Guavus – leading the way with analytics in a complex world

Whilst most analytics vendors offer capability Guavas offer real world solutions
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Managing the data asset with Pentaho

A look at the solution that Pentaho is putting in place to manage the data asset in a way that befits both the business and technology
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Arria: wow!

Arria doesn't just analyse data for you, it presents the results, with recommendations, in natural language.
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RapidMiner – a potential game changer

Speeding up data mining without diminishing its predictive power is an elusive goal, but RapidMiner look like they have a game changer of a solution
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Pentaho 5.0, a look at how they believe they are enabling the future of analytics

Latest version of this popular open source BI tool examined
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It’s elementary

I finally understand what IBM's Watson is all about
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DataRush extends its boundaries

The latest release of Pervasive DataRush extends its acapabilities to include data mining capabilities.
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