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Apparity End User Computing Management

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EUC, or End User Computing, refers to those applications and assets that are developed and used primarily by end users, spreadsheets being the most archetypal example. Apparity is a leading solution for EUC management and governance, its platform having grown out of the spreadsheet management space and into a solution that encompasses Python scripts, SAS models, no/low-code applications, and more.

In this report, we first provide a brief summary of Apparity’s capabilities. Then we proceed to outline the qualities that make Apparity worthwhile, as described by its own customers. As preparation, we have interviewed several of Apparity’s customers, across multiple industries, and identified the most significant trends and commonalities between them and thus the most compelling reasons to invest in Apparity. What we present in this document is a reflection of what we have discovered during these interviews in combination with our other research into the product.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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