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Broadcom (CA) Test Data Manager and Blaze Data

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Test Data Manager is a test data management solution that uses data subsetting, data masking, and synthetic data generation to produce standardised, optimally covering, up-to-date, desensitised, and on-demand test data. In the process, it profiles your production data, creating an easily understood view of your data relationships and what data exists where. It’s accessed through a web portal, with guided workflows and instructional videos built-in to assist with its operation. It’s compatible with a variety of data sources, including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and supports both mainframe and distributed environments.

It also readily integrates with other Broadcom products, including Agile Requirements Designer and BlazeMeter. The latter has recently expanded significantly, and now stretches beyond just performance testing: it even offers its own synthetic data solution, BlazeData, that excels at generating and delivering test data rapidly, dynamically, and at any time, up to and including test execution.

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