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EUC Management and Governance

00002704 - EUC MANAGEMENT AND GOVERMANCE MU (cover thumbnail)

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Classification: Market Update

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EUC stands for End-User Computing. EUCs are developed by, used by, possibly (probably not) managed by, and governed (not) by end users. They are outside of the purview of the IT department, which is precisely why they tend to be inaccurate (lack of formal testing processes means that errors are common) as well as unmanaged and ungoverned.

There are different types of EUCs. The most prevalent are spreadsheets but of increasing concern are low-code and no-code applications. In the latter case, end users (or, at least, people outside the IT department) are increasingly developing EUCs to meet artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation requirements, which means that these are becoming more prevalent within the end-user community. In some respects, IT departments encourage this, as it takes workload off their shoulders but, on the other hand, it poses risks (both financial and reputational) to the business if these EUCs are not properly managed and governed.

The management and governance of all of these types of EUCs is the subject of this Market Update.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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