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Actian DataConnect / AvalancheConnect

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Actian DataConnect is a (data) integration offering the intent of which is to allow anyone (that is, multiple personas) to connect anything, anywhere (cloud, on-premises, hybrid), at any time.

There are three different options offered by Actian: DataConnect Inside, which is targeted primarily at partners who want to embed connectivity within their own applications; DataConnect Integration Platform, which offers traditional ETL (extract, transform and load) capabilities as well as ELT and other integration options; and DataConnect iPaaS, which is powered by Actian Avalanche to provide access to cloud-based resources. Also available is Avalanche Connect, which includes Actian DataConnect connectors and the two share a single management console. It is available as a managed service with support for Kafka streaming, and connectivity to semi-structured data such as JSON and RESTful web services, without coding.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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