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Classification: InBrief

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EASA offers two modules: EASA Web and EASA Sheets.

EASA Web enables you to create custom, enterprise-grade web applications built around your existing spreadsheets, workflows, and other End User Computing (EUC) models. The result is that you can expose your model for business use while enjoying several benefits: for instance, your models no longer need to reside on your local device, but can be accessed and run via a web browser; complex models can be accessed using a simple, business-friendly interface; and your models (and particularly your spreadsheets) can be exposed without allowing them to be copied or altered.

On the other hand, EASA Sheets is essentially a specialised, web-based launcher for Excel that provides greater ease of deployment and access than EASA Web while still giving you centralised control of your organisation’s assorted spreadsheets. This makes it ideal for deploying to your spreadsheets en masse, perhaps as part of an intermediary stage before full EASA Web adoption.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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