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EASA was initially developed by an engineering software development team at AEA Technology (which was previously the entity known as UKAEA – the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority) as a rapid, custom user-interface (UI) building tool having the end goal of simplifying the execution of their complex and general modeling and simulation software for very specific (and usually often repeated) design studies. This substantially reduced the level of expertise needed by their customers to operate the software while making it much more efficient for existing users. Over time, EASA evolved into a far more general tool that could not only greatly simplify the running of a single program, but also complete workflows, or software processes involving the integration of multiple and dissimilar software.

EASA was so successful that AEA created a new business entity focused on its development, support and marketing, and this entity was ultimately spun off as an independent company.

EASA has its headquarters in Oxford, UK, with a wholly owned US subsidiary providing technical support and consulting services out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Headquarters: Office 6, Bullingdon House 174B Cowley Rd Oxford, OX4 1UE United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (1235) 420123

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