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End User Computing: Apparity, CIMCON, Mitratech

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End User Computing, or EUC, refers to applications and assets (most notably spreadsheets) that are developed by, used by, and possibly (though more likely not) managed by end users. They are outside of the purview of the IT department, which is precisely why they tend to be inaccurate (lack of formal testing processes means that errors are common) as well as unmanaged and ungoverned.

EUC management solutions have emerged out of the spreadsheet management space in order to address these issues. Although some spreadsheet management vendors have been slower to move forward than others, in this paper we will be comparing three prominent EUC management vendors that have made the leap with aplomb, namely Apparity, CIMCON, and Mitratech. We would describe all three as leading vendors in the space, so in this report we hope to highlight some of the more nuanced qualities that set each apart from the others.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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