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Apparity is one of the leading spreadsheet asset management vendors, founded in 2012. That said, it is increasingly invested in the broader field of End User Computing (EUC) governance, and hence it has implemented governance for EUC activity in general.

Apparity provides inventory discovery, management and governance for all forms of EUCs and EUC applications (including, of course, spreadsheets). Specifically, Apparity solutions provide the ability to discover what EUC applications you have, identify the criticality and risk associated with each of them, detect any common problems or defects, and put them (or at least those you choose) under management control. The product can link to various third-party governance solutions, and is available in the cloud and on-premises.

Apparity’s primary differentiator is its emphasis on (and capabilities for) managing the broader EUC landscape, not just spreadsheets. Secondary to that, it decomposes spreadsheets into XML and treats all changes in the same way that you would treat source code; it also “fingerprints” each EUC asset under management so that it can be tracked regardless of renames, copies or moves.

Apparity was founded in 2012, and is privately held. Brad Hammond is its CEO. Brad is also CEO of NetRoadshow, Inc, and has a background both in investment banking and in IT (with Intel and Amdahl Corporation).

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Headquarters: 3475 Piedmont Road, Suite 450, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA
Telephone: (800) 797-0720



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