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Spreadsheet Governance - What's Changed?

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Why you should license Excel 2013: and it’s not because of the BI

The most important thing about Excel 2013 is the governance and its going to put a number of third party companies and products under a lot of pressure
Cover for Spreadsheet Management: Prodiance

Spreadsheet Management: Prodiance

Prodiance is the newest of the leading spreadsheet management vendors so it has done well to establish itself as a major force within the market.
Cover for Lyquidity ComplyXL

Lyquidity ComplyXL

ComplyXL is a tool for gaining insight and greater understanding into your spreadsheets and for the management and governance of those spreadsheets.
Cover for Cimcon SOX-XL Suite 6.2

Cimcon SOX-XL Suite 6.2

The Cimcon SOX-XL Suite is a consistently strong product across all of its modules.
Cover for Finsbury Solutions Spreadsheet Workbench V3.6

Finsbury Solutions Spreadsheet Workbench V3.6

Spreadsheet Workbench offers consistently strong capabilities across all required capabilities.
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And the last shall be first

How come Finsbury Solutions is the biggest spreadsheet management vendor and yet they are not at all well known?
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