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Spreadsheet Governance - Further Information

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Cover for Incisive Spreadsheet Risk Management

Incisive Spreadsheet Risk Management

Unlike some other spreadsheet management vendors, whose emphasis is often purely on compliance, Incisive's focus is on making better business decisions.
Cover for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Growing regulatory requirements mean increased governance requirements for spreadsheets. This report look at the latest trends in the market as well as the leading products.
Cover for What's Hot in Data?

What’s Hot in Data

In this paper, we have identified the potential significance of a wide range of data-based technologies that impact on the move to a data-driven environment.
Cover for Governance for Spreadsheet Models

Governance for Spreadsheet Models

While this paper focuses on spreadsheets the technology we are discussing is also appropriate for governing other EUC (end user computing) resources.
Cover for Governance for Spreadsheet Models Apparity

Governance for Spreadsheet Models Apparity

Spreadsheets are used for multiple purposes. One of the most common use cases is building and on-going use of models.
Cover for EASA


EASA is a general-purpose tool for building browser-based applications.
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Why you should license Excel 2013: and it’s not because of the BI

The most important thing about Excel 2013 is the governance and its going to put a number of third party companies and products under a lot of pressure
Cover for Tools for Data Governance

Tools for Data Governance

There is much work to be done in providing true data governance solutions. Both users and suppliers should take note.
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Process, governance and spreadsheets

If you want to have proper governance over spreadsheets you need to understand the processes involved in creating and using spreadsheets.
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Spreadsheet maturity

We've published a spreadsheet management maturity model and I'm going to speaking about it on a webinar later this month
Cover for Spreadsheet Governance

Spreadsheet Governance - with Spreadsheet Workbench

Spreadsheet Workbench is a leading enterprise spreadsheet management solution.
Cover for Spreadsheet management maturity model

Spreadsheet management maturity model

The advantages of a maturity model are that it helps you to assess where you are and where you want to get to and, based on that recognition, can assist in putting a realistic plan together in order to manage…
Cover for Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance

Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance

It is nearly three years since we last published a report into the status of the spreadsheet management market.
Cover for Spreadsheet Governance

Spreadsheet Governance

There are a number of positive benefits in addition to compliance, better quality data and reduced risk of fraud.
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