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CIMCON Software is a leading supplier of EUC (End User Computing) risk management and governance products. It was established in 1988, and serves over 500 companies across a variety of industries. It was partially acquired by private equity in 2016, but has since been re-acquired by its founder in its entirety. It has its headquarters in Boston, MA as well as offices in Europe and Asia.

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Headquarters: 234 Littleton Road, Westford, MA 01886, USA
Telephone: +1 (978) 692 9868


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APPARITY In Comparison cover thumbnail

End User Computing: Apparity, CIMCON, Mitratech

This report discusses and compares three prominent EUC (End User Computing) management solutions, namely Apparity, CIMCON, and Mitratech.
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CIMCON EUC Insight is a broad, integrated, and singular platform that covers the entire EUC and model risk management lifecycle.
00002711 - DATA ASSURANCE Hyper Report (cover thumbnail)

Data Assurance

This report is about assuring the quality and provenance of your data from both internal and external perspectives.
Cover for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Growing regulatory requirements mean increased governance requirements for spreadsheets. This report look at the latest trends in the market as well as the leading products.
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