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Spreadsheet Governance - What's Innovative?

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Hub85 and spreadsheet governance

Hub85 provides a non-intrusive solution for spreadsheets, based on the founder’s experiences of working in financial markets.
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Automating spreadsheet processes

FreeSight is marketed as a data prep tool. At heart it is a product for capturing and managing repeatable Excel processes.
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New thinking on spreadsheets

There are some interesting new kids on the block in the spreadsheet world
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Why you should license Excel 2013: and it’s not because of the BI

The most important thing about Excel 2013 is the governance and its going to put a number of third party companies and products under a lot of pressure
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Process, governance and spreadsheets

If you want to have proper governance over spreadsheets you need to understand the processes involved in creating and using spreadsheets.
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Spreadsheets are widely used within many business processes. However, these processes often lack rigour.
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A different approach to spreadsheets

Ormetis captures spreadsheet and text file merge, calculation and transformation as you do it - thereby creating auditable processes
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