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InterSystems IRIS (2022)

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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform was introduced in late 2017 as a single, unified platform that acts as a replacement for, and evolution of, the company’s Caché database, Ensemble interoperability platform, and its various analytics offerings. InterSystems IRIS is available for on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid deployments, with Kubernetes support included.

The major elements of InterSystems IRIS include a horizontally and vertically scalable, multi-model, transactional-analytic database with full ACID compliance and immediate consistency; scalable and distributed application server(s); an Eclipse-based development environment supporting several languages; a business process layer equipped with a rules engine, workflow and process orchestration; specific capabilities to support self-service-enabled analytics on structured or unstructured data; integration with streaming environments such as Apache Kafka; and on-demand access to data across multiple data sources via a data fabric architecture.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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