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Cover for Low-Code/No-Code Development

Low-Code/No-Code Development
Published: 9th January 2019 | By:
This report discusses the Low-Code and No-Code Development spaces and evaluates several leading low-code and no-code development products.

Cover for Enterprise Service Virtualisation

Enterprise Service Virtualisation
Published: 17th December 2018 | By:
This report discusses the service virtualisation space and evaluates the products therein.

Cover for Streaming Analytics 2018

Streaming Analytics 2018
Published: 7th December 2018 | By: and
This Market Update considers both stream processing platforms upon which you might build analytics as well as streaming analytics platforms per se.

Cover for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Spreadsheet Management and Governance
Published: 3rd July 2018 | By:
Growing regulatory requirements mean increased governance requirements for spreadsheets. This report look at the latest trends in the market as well as the leading products.

Cover for SQL Engines on Hadoop

SQL Engines on Hadoop
Published: 23rd January 2018 | By:
There are many SQL on Hadoop engines, but they are suited to different use cases: this report considers which engines are best for which sets of requirements.

Cover for Data Governance 2017

Data Governance 2017
Published: 7th December 2017 | By: and
This Market Update compares the capabilities of various data governance vendors.

Cover for Data Lake Management

Data Lake Management
Published: 23rd October 2017 | By: and
There are various factors needed to prevent a data lake becoming a swamp.

Cover for Data Masking 2017

Data Masking 2017
Published: 2nd June 2017 | By: and
This Market Update compares the capabilities of different data masking vendors that provide anonymisation capabilities.

Cover for Test Data Management (2017)

Test Data Management (2017)
Published: 3rd May 2017 | By: and
This Market Update compares TDM (Test Data Management) products.

Cover for Best-of-breed test design automation

Best-of-breed test design automation
Published: 3rd May 2017 | By:
The tools evaluated here certainly automate the generation of test cases, but some of them do so in only a limited fashion while many of them do rather more ...

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